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Vanyee Cultural Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter Vanyee) is a national high-tech enterprise which was established in Hong Kong 1992. The branches in Shenzhen and Vietnam. Vanyee is a culture and creative high-tech enterprise which is integrating performance planning, creativity planning, stage design, special effect research and development, works and operating. Vanyee serves the cultural tourism and performance industry, including the investors who are committed to culture, business and tourism industries, such as all-region tourism, a sort of a combination of culture, business and tourism, rural towns and ancient towns, urban renewal, characteristic blocks and theme parks.

As a well-know culture and creativity enterprise, we have more than 90 patent certifications, cooperated with more than 100 government enterprises, total production and management experience of many performance arts works with tens of million of levels. We have served world-class events, for example, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, and also maintained long-term and stable cooperation with internationally famous tourism leading enterprise, such as OCT(Overseas Chinese Town), Songcheng, Chimelong and Disney.

Vanyee focus on three core segments: planning and production of culture, tourism and performance, and IP building. With the strategic goal of “ technology + performance + culture “, make full use of technology to enable performance and tap the culture value carried by local culture and IP, show a new look of urban culture tourism. Vanyee are committed to create new experience for peoples’s mental life and add luster to the innovative and development of Chinese culture and tourism industries.
Application Scenario
We are committed to performing planning in the fields of all-for-one tourism, cultural tourism real estate, characteristic towns, tourist attractions, theme parks and municipal parks. Our core service cover various types of tourism performances mainly by means of general performance planning, laser projection show, creative water shows, stunt theaters, performance theaters, IP operations, digital interactive entertainment and other stage stunts and special effects.
Real Estate
A creative show for real estate could be a virtual reality tour of a property, a live-streamed open house with interactive elements, or a visually stunning video showcasing the property's unique features and surrounding area.
Tourist Attractions
A creative show for tourist attractions could be a multimedia experience that combines live performances, projections, laser shows and special effects to showcase the unique history, culture, and landmarks of the destination. The show could also incorporate interactive elements to engage the audience and create a memorable and immersive experience.
Theme Parks
A multimedia experience that takes guests on an immersive journey through a fantastical world, using elements such as cutting-edge technology, interactive storytelling, live performers, music, and special effects to create a unique and unforgettable experience. The show could be centered around a specific theme, such as a mystical forest or a futuristic city, and incorporate elements of adventure, humor, and wonder to engage and entertain guests of all ages.
A hotel creative show could refer to a variety of things, but it may involve a performance or display that showcases the creativity and talents of the hotel staff or local artists. This could include music, dance, theater, visual arts, or other forms of entertainment. Such shows could be designed to enhance the guest experience or to draw in visitors from the local community.
A creative show for the entertainment industry could involve a wide range of performances. This could include dance performances, theatrical productions, comedy shows, magic shows, circus performances, or other forms of entertainment. Such shows are often designed to captivate audiences and provide them with a memorable and engaging experience. They may be created for a variety of settings, from theaters and concert halls to arenas, festivals, and outdoor events.
A creative show for an exhibition could refer to a display or performance that showcases the creativity and innovation of the exhibitors. This could include interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, or performances that engage visitors and demonstrate unique ideas or concepts. The goal of such a show would be to capture the attention and imagination of the audience, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging further exploration of the exhibit.
Urban park
How about a community art exhibit in the urban park? Local artists can showcase their works of art, such as sculptures, paintings, or installations, throughout the park. Visitors can stroll through the park and appreciate the artwork while enjoying the show for urban park. The exhibit can also include interactive elements, such as water shows, laser light shows and other interactive elements. This would not only add an interesting and creative element to the park, but also support and promote the local arts community.
Scheme / Plan

Planning consultation, landscape design, architectural design and landscape engineering construction. Please kindly contact us for more details.

Our Process
Comprehensive services of integration of top-level design and landing operation
We dedicated to customize theme show, creative water show, performing theater and other stage special effects for theme park, theater, tourist attraction and real estate, etc.
Our Works
We have served world-class events, for example, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, and also maintained long-term and stable cooperation with internationally famous tourism leading enterprise, such as OCT, Songcheng, Chimelong and Disney.
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