With the sea as the borderless stage, Macao as the performance background, and nine performance boats as the carrier, the marine live show "Jiuzhou Boat Talking·Meeting the Sea" bring tourists to enjoy the multiple cultural and tourism experiences of "going to sea, watching bridges and watching plays". With "science and technology+culture" as the means and "light and shadow" as the innovative style, Vanyee have created an unprecedented art form.


The world's first live marine light show Jiuzhou Boat Talking · Meeting the Sea was premiered in Jiuzhou passenger port on September 19th, 2021. The show is the first maritime cultural tourism work. As the golden partner of Meeting the Sea, Vanyee provided customized solutions for maritime performance works, enables performance with science and technology, lights up Zhuhai’s night economy, and helps promote the Greater Bay Area to become a world-class tourism destination.

[Engineering production]

As a well-known customization enterprise of cultural and tourism performance works in China, science and technology empowerment is a core highlight of Vanyee in creating comprehensive cultural and tourism works. After hundreds of days and nights of hard work, we have developed and designed 18m multi-level lifting technology device to solve the space occupation and load burden of the hull. In the face of corrosive sea water, the Vanyee team checked the equipment and building materials layer by layer, strictly selected corrosion-resistant high-strength aluminum alloy, and built a high-tech rotating manipulator that can turn 80 degrees to carry fountains, water effects and other equipment involving sea water. In the stormy sea and extremely unstable environment, the Vanyee team developed and designed a high-tech device with a height of 9 meters and a diameter of 8 meters after numerous overthrows. Carrying a circular LED screen, it can resist the level 6 sea breeze and still ensure the normal performance. The circular high-tech device is equipped with an automatic tracking system. Through rotation, the LED picture can always face the audience, presenting the best visual effect of the work.


More than 100 days and nights of research, the creative and innovative scientific and technological means provided by Vanyee have overcome technical problems for the works, enabled the successful Premiere of the work “Jiuzhou Boat Talk and Meeting the Sea” with science and technology, and won the gold medal partner of “Meeting the Sea”.

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