The Fantamaze of Blossoms

The Fantamaze of Blossoms, the first night tour with the theme of water land double line flower sea in Greater bay Area was performed on October 1st, 2021. It was produced by Vanyee.


The Fantamaze of Blossomsis a new generation of night tour works explored and constructed by Vanyee in Greater Bay Area. It is committed to creating a new night tour experience for tourists’ spiritual life, truly enabling tourists tohave a good time and stay, and promotingthe Great Bay Area, likeGuangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to accelerate the construction of a world-class tourism destination.

[Planning and Design]

As the first land and water double line experience fantasy night tour in GreaterBay Area, the tour path is divided into water cruise experience and land walking experience, with a total length of about 3km.Itpresentsvisitors a mysterious "fairy world"with22 story scenes, which are multi-dimensional, multi sensory and multi interactive.

[Scientific andTechnologyCreativity]

There are more than 10 kinds of customized interactive technology devices.The Fantamaze of Blossomsis not a simple landscape lighting. The innovative scientific and technological device developed by Vanyee is a highlight of the work.Which are created according to local conditions to meet the visual sense of the site through the creative technique of technology + art + story, so as to achieve the integration of scientific and technological devices and landscape.


As thegeneralproducer, Vanyeetook less than 2 months fromcreative design, civil engineering planning, project installation, implementation and marketing planning. Vanyee devote themselves to the creation of works day and night, with Vanyee’s speed and professionalism, they magically transform the land and bring the double line for water and land series to the majority of tourists during the National Day Golden Week.

[Feedbackon Operations]

During the National Day GoldenWeek of 7 days in 2021, the resort received more than50,000 visitors and has won No.1 in local playhot list.

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