As the world's first "Steampunk machine" live stunt show, “Awakening Adam” integrates advanced technologies such as new audio-visual, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, comprehensively presents micro and macro perspectives, and allows tourists to achieve diversified immersion feelings and multi-level sensory experience. The whole work subverts the traditional static theater form, and reflects the high quality and high level of China's original high-tech theme performances with multiple "world's first" scientific and technological innovation highlights, such as the world's only mobile "giant robot" stage, the world's only "Steampunk" style mechanical theater, the world's first stunt show with the theme of "Robot and Human Beings".


Awakening Adam was jointly created by OCT and Vanyee. It is the world's first live stunt show of "Steam Punk Machinery". The whole work breaks the traditional form of static theater, and creates a new universe of product innovation experience in the theme park of Fantasy Valley with the world's only movable "giant robot" stage, the world's only "steampunk" style mechanical theater, the world's first "machine and human being" themed stunt show and other "world's first" technological innovation highlights.

[Planning and Design]

Awakening Adam, as the world's first live action stunt show of "Steam Punk Machinery", celebrates the empathy between machines and human being with five stories in 30 minutes, integrates all kinds of movie level special effects, and multiple technical highlights, to present a wonderful, vibrant, high-energy sci-fi performance full of the most real and beautiful special effects of human beings.

[Science and Technology Creativity]

As one of the core works of Fantasy Valley to create a "global pioneer", Awakening Adam breaks through the traditional stage design. It is a 4000 ㎡ "mobile" giant machinery factory stage. Vanyee integrates the "steampunk" style into the stage aesthetics, creating a number of "global initiative" innovation highlights with a 20m high and 41m wide giant "robot" theater that can be "revived" and "deformed".

[Engineering Production]

Vanyee spent 6 months from creative design, civil engineering planning, engineering landing, devoted themselves to created the work day and night, overcame more than 20 technical difficulties, and restored the movie level live special effects performance. Vanyee always adheres to the spirit of innovation, and presents the scenes on the film screen to the audience through independent research & development and arrangement, so as to achieve a real film blockbuster live performance.


With the arrival of the summer vacation in 2022, this unique and innovative landmark of the theme park is bound to become a major attraction for Xiangyang Fantasy Valley to attract new tourists, while bringing a new idea of deep integration of culture and tourism to the cultural and tourism industry, and creating a high-quality development sample of culture and tourism. For the city of Xiangyang, Awakening Adam will promote Fantasy Valley to become a new landmark of Xiangyang's cultural tourism industry, help Xiangyang become a "model city of regional economic integration" of the cultural tourism industry, and become the most dazzling cultural tourism city on the Changjiang River Economic Belt of the country

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