Bridge of Light


Bridge of Light, a large-scale urban large-scale aquatic sound and light show, was produced by Vanyee in 2016. It is a project integrating creativity, imagination and artist, uses natural garden landscape and multi-level 3D water curtain imaging technology to form a new stage scene. It skillfully uses the rich fountain water effects and surround sound layout to reproduce the beauty of time and space in a three dimensional manner, creating a performance effect that pleases each scene, and creating a panoramic experience of water viewing in the theme park.

[Planning andDesign]

A stone arch bridge is used as the stage carrier to form an 8000² water performance venue. Through well creation and arrangement to create a story with the theme of love through time and space, and the main line of search, reunion, separation and reunion again. The story is about a pair of lovers in the Great Lake Taoyuan, who took peach blossoms as keepsake, and experienced a beautiful and sad story of looking for each other, meeting and separating, getting together and parting, and everlasting romance of love in different time and space.

[Scientific andTechnologicalCreativity]

The natural garden landscape is combined with 3D water curtain to present a multi-level and strong sensory stage design scene according to local conditions. The main creative team integrates water, fire, sound, light, electricity and other performance elements to reproduce a three-dimensional space-time beauty, create a performance effect of one scene and surprise each scene, and create a panoramic experience of water viewing in the theme park.

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