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Vanyee Creates New Nighttime Experience
Mar 03, 2023

There are more and more signs that the global tourism industry, which was initially hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, is recovering at a faster speed. It is due to the gradual easing of travel restrictions by countries around the world, and the strong recovery of global travel demand, which will continue in 2023.

The strong recovery of regional tourism needs to attract more cultural and tourism lovers by improving the tourist experience. Immersive travelling experience or relaxed travelling has become the main forms that people pursue at present. People are willing to spend more time in a same place to obtain more comprehensive and valuable travelling experience. This way is about quality over quantity. It involves interacting with the local people, eating traditional food, understanding the local culture and landscape, etc., The longer the amount of time spent doing this, the more meaningful the experience becomes, rather than just travelling around the country or many place you are visiting like a whirlwind. The personal impact of travelling like this also increases the likelihood that you actually relax and become more open to the experiences around you.

Vanyee, in the form of current people's pursuit, spent five months in Vietnam to create a first large-scale local European cultural theme show - the Color of Venice, which has become the trump show of Vietnam's emerging tourism industry, a romantic night tourism destination and a punch point for giant mechanical fans, and has won the Guinness Vietnam Records. Different from the traditional tourism performance, the immersive night walk experience performance of the Color of Venice can often attract tourists who are tired of traditional tourism performance. They can enjoy completely different scenes and experiences in the atmosphere of the night. Compared with the number of tourists in the daytime, the number of tourists in the night tour is relatively small. Tourists can visit the scenic spot more easily, avoid problems such as congestion and queuing, better experience the culture and history of the scenic spot, and optimize the tourist experience; However, due to the high added value of immersive experience, it can attract more tourists at night, thus increasing the income of the tourist area.

Vanyee used scientific and technological means and artistic expression techniques to organically combine urban night scenery, historical culture and creative performance to create an immersive night tour experience for tourists. This way of tourism combines modern technology and traditional culture, shows the city's diverse charm and historical and cultural heritage, and brings new vitality and charm to urban tourism. The development of science and technology is bringing new opportunities and challenges to the cultural tourism entertainment industry, which needs constant exploration and innovation to meet the needs of the audience and the market.

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