The Color of Venice


The Color of Venice is a large-scale theme creative water show produced by Vingroup and created by Vanyee and the team of Vietnam’s top director Việt Tú.

The Italian themed show "The Color of Venice", which was designed and produced by Team Vanyee, has been premiering for nearly a year. This is a creative water show like oil painting! "The Color of Venice", the first 162 ° fan projection in Vietnam, has attracted countless fans! This cultural tourism performance, which spans nearly 2,000 kilometers between China and Vietnam and takes five months to build and overcome the global epidemic, has attracted the attention of various government departments and many industry media, professional audiences and ordinary tourists in Vietnam since its debut.


The Color of Venice is located on the Love Lake in the Venice theme park of the Phu Quoc United Center. It has become a representative cultural and tourism performance work. With the innovative means of enabling performance by science and technology, it has contributed to the global strength for the works of super entertainment and vacation complex, and helped promote it to become an economic and tourism center in southern Vietnam.

[Planning andDesign]

As a typical program of an emerging tourist destination, the Color of Venice takes the late Renaissance as the background and the theme of Venice, an important European classical art town. The whole performance is divided into six acts to interpret a sad, moving and ups and downs love story.

[Scientific and Technological Creativity]

Vanyee strictly selected corrosion-resistant and lightweight alloy materials to customize a 162° opening and closing folding fan framework, and innovatively realize the opening and closing principle of folding fan, breaking the circular effect of projection screen + water surface reflection. The main creative team adopted water types such as phoenix tail, arch spray, water curtain and fog forest, developed and designed a gas explosion spring with a spray height of 35 meters and 12 fire spraying special effects devices, which set off each other’s overall effects and create a cheerful, light, romantic and magnificent effect for nighttime entertainment.

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