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How to Plan a HOT Rural Night Tourism Performance?
Mar 01, 2023

In recent years, a new form of tourism has emerged in the tourism market - internet-famous rural night tourism. This form of tourism has attracted an increasing number of tourists to experience it and has become a new highlight of rural tourism. Rural night tour projects combine various performance elements such as water, fire, sound, light, and electricity, and use the creative approach of "technology + art + storytelling" to create visual sensations that are suitable for the venue, thereby attracting tourists to stay and linger.

To create an internet-famous rural night tour, first, the rural night resources need to be explored. Rural night resources include natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, folk culture, and other aspects. Based on local characteristics and resources, unique nighttime tourism products can be created. For example, choosing a rural area with unique characteristics and appeal from the natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, folk culture, and other aspects mentioned earlier, such as the Pinggu Lishugou Carnival - Great Wall Memory Theme Night Tour Carnival and Large-scale Water Show Performance, through a visual and auditory feast of light and shadow, water, and fire, presents stunning visual and auditory effects and extends the duration of tourists' stay in Lishugou Leisure Valley. These characteristics can provide tourists with unique experiences and memories, attracting more tourists.

In addition to exploring rural night resources, it is necessary to create some distinctive nighttime activities to attract tourists to experience. Based on local characteristics and resources, unique nighttime activities can be created. For example, Lishugou's nighttime sledding and large-scale light shows and water shows can allow tourists to better experience a festive atmosphere.

Secondly, specific times for the night tour, such as light shows and 3D water curtain performances, need to be determined and promoted, taking into account local weather, seasons, and holidays. Through brand marketing, the popularity and reputation of rural night tour projects can be increased and promoted through social media, travel platforms, local governments, scenic spots, or internet celebrities, thereby enhancing the project's popularity and influence.

Additionally, pricing for rural night tour projects needs to consider tourists' spending power and market demand, with a certain profit margin and reasonable prices. Different pricing can be set based on different projects and services to attract more tourists to participate.

Finally, it is important to focus on tourists' safety during the activities and establish relevant safety measures. The success of rural night tour projects depends on high-quality services, including guidance, interpretation, consultation, and security. Professional service teams and a sound service system are necessary to provide tourists with considerate services and experience rural hospitality and friendliness, leaving good impressions and word-of-mouth. After the activity, collecting feedback from tourists in a timely manner, understanding their experiences and opinions, and improving and optimizing the shortcomings of the project is essential.

In summary, rural night tours have given rural areas new vitality and vitality through digitalization. Therefore, creating an internet-famous rural night tour project requires comprehensive consideration of various factors, focusing on details and service aspects, continuously meeting tourists' needs and expectations, providing an unforgettable rural night tour experience for tourists, and enhancing the project's competitiveness and market influence.

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