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What is the Popular Form of Cultural Tourism in the Local Area?
Feb 22, 2023

With the rapid development of tourism, cultural and entertainment elements have been paid more and more attention. Many different cultural tourism performance forms have been launched in various places and attracting many tourists to watch. The development of cultural tourism industry does not have to follow the traditional performance form. It can be innovative and cross-border, show the local culture and customs in different ways to attract more tourists.

When it comes to the development of tourism, we have to mention this place - Zhuhai, a city in south of Guangdong, China and near by Macao. There are many tourism resources beautiful natural environment and a long coastline. The long coastline provided the conditions for creating a new form of performance to cultural entertainment——marine laser light show. In this premise, Vanyee created the world's first live marine laser light show in Jiuzhou passenger port—— Jiuzhou Boat Talking · Meeting the Sea. With the sea as the borderless stage, Zhuhai and Macao cities as the performance background, and nine performance boats as the carrier, brought tourist a multi-cultural and tourism experience of "going to sea, watching bridges and performance". With "science and technology+culture" as the means and "light and shadow" as the innovative style, Vanyee have created an unprecedented art form. This cultural and creative performance not only shows the natural scenery and urban construction achievements of Zhuhai and Macao, but also attracts the attention and participation of many tourists.

Marine laser light show is a cultural performance that integrates various forms of artistic expression, including dance, singing, music, lighting, sound, visual effects and so on. The performers will dress in exquisite costumes to perform various wonderful programs on the sea stage, which integrates with the artistic elements such as lighting, sound and special effects, bringing an unprecedented audio-visual feast to the visitors and tourists.

As a city by the sea, there are rich resources in Zhuhai and Macao, and also have numerous bridges and buildings, which provides unique geographical advantages for the performance of marine live laser show.During the performance, the audience can enjoy the beautiful night scenery and urban landscape of Zhuhai and Macao, as well as the perfect combination of ocean and city. Especially during the performance, artists will combine elements such as special effects and music to create a unique visual effect base on the theme and scene of the performance, let the audience enjoy a immersive experience in the atmosphere of the performance.

In addition to the performance, the marine live laser light show also offers a variety of tourist experiences. They can enjoy the performances on the ship or boat, enjoy the beautiful night scenery and performance, and enjoy the beauty of sea. Meanwhile, visitors can enjoy the beauty and cultural customs of Zhuhai and Macao. They will also appreciate the charms of these two cities in a short time through the multiple cultural tourism experience of "going to sea, watching bridges and performance " and also promotes the development of tourism in both places.

In general, the marine live laser light show is a cultural performance with a great sense of art and appreciation. Visit Vanyees website for more details.

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