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Awakening Adam——Created a Number of
Sept 15, 2022

Recently, the world's first live stunt show of "steampunk machinery", "Awakening Adam", was staged at the newly opened theme park of Fantasy Valley in Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort,  produced by Xiangyang OCT, OCT's Media Performance and Vanyee. The new collision between a original "film-level live mechanical blockbuster" and the theme park will bring new vitality to the innovative development of theme parks.

Comparable to Beijing Universal Studios Future Water World

The benchmark of China's original version of live stunt performance show

Created a number of "the world’s first" innovation highlights

Also as a stunt show," Awakening Adam "is the most shocking live stunt show I have ever seen, no less than the water stunt performance" Future Water World "created by Beijing Universal Studios". A professional audience after watching the preview clips said.

The background of the story takes place in the Victorian Era, the story and scene with the color of future science fiction. However, it is not the plots of a film, but the plots and scenes of the world's first "Steampunk Machinery" live stunt show, "Awakening Adam". The whole show is divided into five chapters, including the prologue "Machinery Factory", the first act "Adam's Birth", the second  "Awakening and Escape", the third "Competitive Competition", the fourth  "The Resurrection of Giant Weapons", and the fifth "Successful Rescue"

A world first steampunk mechanical giant robot stage with a height of 20m and a width of 40m that can be "revived", a world first story theme of "machinery and human being", a film level special effects science fiction performance that integrates drama performance, song and dance band performance and interaction. It is full of the most authentic and beautiful feelings of human beings. Vanyee created multiple "world’s first" innovation highlights with the key words of innovation and integration, future, science fiction, machinery, trend, film and emotion.

The world's first stunt show - Awakening Adam
Leading a new trend of the theme park industry

As one of the core works of Xiangyang Fantasy Valley to create the “global pioneer”, Awakening Adam is located in the Crazy Mechanical City of Fantasy Valley. The performance venue covers an area of 10,000㎡ and can accommodate 3,000 audiences, which is the largest outdoor venue in Fantasy Valley.

With the world's only movable "giant robot" stage, the world's only "steampunk" style mechanical theatre, the world's first "machinery and human being" themed stunt show and other "world's first" content & technological innovation highlights, Vanyee created a new future science fiction immersive experience for audience and a new universe of innovative experience of Xiangyang Fantasy Valley theme park products.

With the arrival of the summer vacation in 2022, this unique and innovative landmark of the theme park was bound to attract a large number of new tourists for Xiangyang Fantasy Valley. At the same time, it brought a new idea of deep integration of cultural tourism to the cultural and tourism industry, and created a high-quality innovative development sample of culture and tourism.

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