theme amusement park and aquatic features

Dinglong Bay Water Show by Texas Water World was officially staged at Dinglong Bay International Ocean Resort on July 1st, 2018. The creative laser projection show was produced by Vanyee.


Dinglong Bay International Ocean Resort with 16 kilometers golden coastline, won the award of "Small Sanya" . And is a world coastal happy kingdom integrating culture, tourism and ecological health. It was produced by Vanyee and to be a new benchmark for world-class cultural and tourism projects, practice the national development strategy of "sea-oriented economy" and the construction goal of "tourism power", and promote the development of coastal tourism industry in the whole country. And it has been listed in the key construction project and the key project of the tourism industry of whole province, and has become the largest coastal tourism resort complex in the local area.

[Planning and Design]

The cool sea breeze and happy beat, brings people the joy from the other side of the ocean; The magic of the aquatic flying man, the passion of the scene atmosphere, the rhythm of the carnival resounded through the sky. Taking the cowboy culture of Texas as the theme, it shows the gold rush in the West of the United States, perfectly integrates the Eastern and Western cultures, and becomes a benchmark cultural and travel project combining Chinese and Western cultures.

[Science and Technology Creativity]

Vanyee, as an excellent custom expert in cultural travel, has been focusing on the collision of culture and technology, and the integration of art and creativity. Creating a creative and technological sense of laser projection show, dance under the rhythm of the dance floor music, so that it could open the Dinglong Bay immersive night tour innovation experience.

[Engineering Production]

As the general producer, Vanyee took one month for creative design, engineering installation, water layout and landing debut performance. Customized water effects andlaser projection effects are combined with the theme of Texas cowboy culture, interpretation of a new theme laser projection water show.

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