Phoenix Dance along the Silk Road

The launching ceremony and opening ceremony on 25th August. Phoenix Dance along the Silk Road, a large-scale urban theme show jointly created by Vanyee and OCT.


Vanyee integrates history and humanities, natural landscape and artistic lighting to create a dream and legend that has passed through thousands of years with science and technology + art as the core means. It not only pursues the long distance and mystery of the ancient Silk Road, but also shows the wisdom and prosperity of today’s Belt and Road, becoming the cultural benchmark of the charming landmark.

[Planning and Design]

As the theme creative water show, Phoenix Dance along the Silk Road, with the spirit of the Silk Road, integrates the culture, heritage, beauty and dreams of local city into the water show performance through the four acts of Fengming Helan, Southern Frontier, Hello to the Phoenix Dance along the Silk Road, which not only highlights the feelings of the Silk Road, but also presents a unique visual feast for the audience.

[Scientific andTechnologyCreativity]

The performance stage consists of seven areas, including underwater moving stage, multi-functional performance platform, equipment area, Silk Road performance area, large installation performance area, scenic spot and surrounding landscape joint control performance area, which perfectly combined with great freehand brushwork, poetry, feelings and dreams in art and great creativity, highlights and means in tourism performance techniques, by integrating the historical changes of the local city into the beautiful scenery, the tourism concept and brand are constructed.

[Engineering production]

“Phoenix Dance along the Silk Road” took more than one year to complete from creative design, civil engineering planning, engineering installation and implementation. The 30 meters high and 20 meters wide large double-layer heart-shaped device is an innovative scientific and technological device developed by Vanyee. Lighting, water and fire effects, water curtain projection and other special effects are installed respectively. It is the water show special effect device with the largest investment and volume.

[Feedbackon Operations]

During the National Day of 2017, it participated in the “Lighting City” themed light show on behalf of the local city, won the reputation of national level TV of “the Most Creative Light Show”, and was selected into the list of national preferred tourism projects in 2017.

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