Legend of Ancient Dian Dynasty

As the only large-scale outdoor live special stunt effects show in the theme park "Colorful Yunnan • Happy World", Legend of Ancient Dian Dynasty closely relies on the precious historical and cultural resources of ancient Dian and the rich cultural resources of southwest ethnic groups, takes the overall cultural and historical background of the time when the ancient Dian King Changqiang Age as the creation basis and entry point, and takes the cultural elements of ancient Dian as the design basis, The plot structure is directly clear and fully highlights its story, historical and legendary, and strives to show the mystery, magic, and sacredness of ancient Dian culture.


Legend of Ancient Dian Dynasty, produced by Vanyee, was officially premiered in Colorful Yunnan Happy World on July 28th, 2018. It is a large-scale outdoor real scene special effect theater customized by the top team of Vanyee, with the ancient Yunnan culture as the background and the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature as the theme, to create a high attendance masterpiece and create a new business card for urban tourism for Kunming, Yunnan.

[Panning and Design]

The performance area of Legend of Ancient Dian Dynasty is more than 5000², and the overall performance lasts for 30 minutes. The six chapters are a mixture of the top resources in the industry in dance, martial arts, horsemanship, special effects, music, clothing, props and other fields, presenting the audience with a magnificent battle song under the war of the Cold Weapon Age, where dreams and passions fly together.

[Science and Technology Creativity]

A customized large-scale Ancient Dian war theme theater, creating a sense of primitive ecology and history. Presenting a wonderful, intense and climaxing war special effects stunt work staged one after another with staged one after another through the creation technique of science and technology+performance, combining stage machinery, actor performance, equestrian performance, martial arts performance, Weiya stunt performance, water performance, etc..

[Engineering Production]

Vanyee has spent nearly 3 years in creative design, civil engineering planning, engineering installation, performance arrangement and first performance. Restore the lifelike effect of the ancient Dian battlefield through customized water effects, pressure towers, giant catapults and arrow carts. We also specially designed and produced dozens of costumes and hundreds of weapons for it.

[Feedback on Operations]

It has been more than 3 years since the first performance, with more than 1500 performances in total and still maintaining good attendance and performance experience.

It was presented on domestic popular program, displayed in the public's view in the form of a new live interaction show on May 24, 2020, and has been played for 3.879 million times, becoming one of the shooting locations of many top stream variety shows.

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