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What is your memory of a city?
July 05, 2024

Recently, the new landmark "Eye of Chuanchang" in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province was grandly unveiled, shining out of the circle! The main building of "Eye of Chuanchang" is located on the south side of Xindu Road in Yannan High tech Zone, spanning the east and west banks of the Chuanchang River. From a high altitude, the overall design resembles a brilliant pearl embedded in the urban texture, witnessing the transformation of the city and illuminating the riverside life.

Chuanchang River has a long history and is the "mother river" of Yancheng. This artificially carved river connects towns and salt fields along the line, carrying thousands of years of water conservancy and transportation as well as a rich sea salt culture. "Eye of Chuanchang" innovates through inheritance, allowing Chuanchang River, a long historical river, not only to retain its cultural heritage, but also to shine with new opportunities.

If say the Eye of Chuanchang during the day is elegant and light, when the night is like ink and the sky is dotted with stars, the Eye of Chuanchang under the night is charming. A brilliant light and shadow show "See Chuanchang River Again" lights up the elegant charm of Chuanchang River, creating a romantic, gorgeous and vibrant urban atmosphere, allowing citizens and tourists to immerse themselves in it.

Light music resounded across both sides of the lake, and the eyes of the audience under the light and shadow seemed to be awakened by magic. The actors swayed their small boats out of the hazy mist, as if crossing the river of history, telling the story of the millennium old Salt City.

Amidst the interplay of light and shadow, the fusion of technology, art, and culture seems to create a visual sense of dialogue between history and modernity across the air. Especially the two giant robotic arms standing in the audience stand area of the "Eye of Chuanchang", with a length of 7.5m, have evolved into a new species of technology and entertainment with high freedom and flexibility. Not only can they dance to the rhythm of music, but they can also carry multimedia screens and transform into a part of dance beauty.

As a leader in technological performance, Vanyee Culture adopts a new technique of technological performance, taking urban culture as its foundation, innovatively integrating high-tech robotic arms with this water-based performance feast, adding infinite vitality to modern urban landmarks. Tourists and citizens watching performances occasionally cast curious glances at it, skillfully combining its agile and jumping body with the vast and elegant multimedia images, bringing visitors a brand new and stunning visual experience.


A cool and cute “Eye of Chuanchang”, a river spanning thousands of years, the new and the old collide and merge on this beautiful land, bursting with youthful vitality, poetic and romantic light, attracting every distant you!


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