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Debut! The first large-scale indoor performance in Jilin Province made its debut in Changbai Mountain
June 21, 2024

Move Changbai Mountain Tianchi to the theater
A super dreamy world of ice and snow
Super stunning lighting and sound design
3D Weiya, immersive theatrical performance

June 13th
On the occasion of the opening of the first Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Conference
Assisted by Vanyee Culture in Water Performing Arts
The first large-scale indoor immersive tourism performance in Jilin Province
The Legend of Pink Snow
Exciting debut at the "Pink Snow Legend" Theater in Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone
Presented a new Jilin name card to domestic and foreign tourists

Jilin Province is located in the world's golden latitude zone of ice and snow. The powdery snow held in the palm of the hand that can slide between the fingers is a characteristic resource of Jilin Province. In recent years, Jilin Province has attached great importance to the development of the ice and snow industry, and through various explorations and promotions, has created "Legend of Pink Snow", allowing audiences to intuitively experience the unique charm of Jilin's ice and snow.

Crossing a Thousand Years
The story that happened on the Ice and Snow Silk Road in Changbai Mountain

The ancient Changbai Mountain Ice and Snow Silk Road, under the exploration and protection of generations of mountain guardians, has opened up commerce and reached the four seas, leading to a prosperous life and mutual learning of civilizations. In the generation of Xueer's father, due to the expansion of people's desires and the destruction of the natural environment, evil gods broke through their seals and committed evil deeds in the world, while the guardians of the mountains were missing. The descendants of the mountain guardian - Xueer and the reincarnated mountain guardian dragon - Xuanlong, fearless of difficulties, resolutely entered the mountain to search for their father, breaking through numerous crises, allowing the Ice and Snow Silk Road to regain its dawn, restoring their father's innocence, restoring the prosperity of the Silk Road, and promising love. A beautiful story that moves the world and turns into powder snow. Every winter, it spreads on the land of Changbai.

Technology Empowerment
An artistic experience that is visually, auditory, and emotionally stunning

The immersive theater tailored for "Legend of Pink Snow" is a stage with two levels of performance space, multiple niches, realistic water effects, aerial stage, and surround sound system. At the same time, the performance perfectly integrates "people, sound, light, electricity, shadow, and scenery" through drama, singing, video, Weiya technology, interactive technology, etc., creating a mysterious, shocking, and beautiful setting atmosphere. As soon as the audience enters the theater, they enter the bustling market of the Ice and Snow Silk Road and the white world of ice and snow. The body feeling of braving the wind and snow is immersive. The three treasures of Northeast China, unique clothing, cuisine, shops, etc. instantly immerse people into the plot. Following the protagonist into the mountains, the 3D stage technology of virtual and real coexistence creates an atmosphere of ice and snow. The audience immerses themselves in the plot, fully mobilizing various senses such as sight, hearing, touch, and smell, achieving wholehearted integration, immersion, and emotional communication.

Regional characteristics
A New Name Card for Jilin Tourism built with Great Effort

The Legend of Pink Snow is based on the promotion of the "Ice and Snow Silk Road" innovation pilot zone construction in Jilin Province, the comprehensive creation of the "Changbai Tianxia Xue" brand construction, and the creation of the "trillion level" tourism campaign. It is an important background for Jilin Province to solve the problem of ice and snow tourism culture driving, innovate and create the Jilin ice and snow cultural IP, and is also an important cultural project that promotes regional characteristics and continuously meets the spiritual needs of the people. The launch of the drama fills the gap in large-scale tourism performances in Jilin Province. As a tourism performance, "Legend of Pink Snow" integrates historical and cultural heritage and regional characteristics throughout.

During the performance, Jilin specialties were woven into catchy lyrics, and Jilin's unique colloquial expressions such as dialects and accents were presented in the play; In addition, representative scenery such as Tianchi Lake and waterfalls, as well as characteristic animals and plants such as Haidongqing, Northeast Tiger, Roe Deer, Meirensong, and Ginseng Flower, were presented in the performance, making the work not only have local characteristics but also conform to the aesthetic of contemporary audiences.

Snow falls on the Yao Pond
A picturesque scene of snowfall in Changbai slowly unfolds
It is a natural scenery and also a realm beyond painting
We use fluffy pink snow and crystal clear rime
Wonderland in Changbai and rich regional charm of fairyland
Welcome to Jilin
On the Ice and Snow Silk Road
Experience the charm of "The Legend of Pink Snow"


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