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Zhang Pengyuan, a Practical Person of Cultural and Tourism Industry: Empowering the Performance of the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City and Raising the Upper Limit of Tourist Attraction Development
Apr 25, 2024

The following content is from the self narration of Zhang Pengyuan, a practical person of cultural and tourism industry.

Hello everyone, I am Zhang Pengyuan.

I have visited many tourist attractions, and basically I can have in-depth exchanges with the tourist attractions management personnel, and often say a few words:

My own understanding of tourism is very traditional. A tourist attraction or a city must have four necessary conditions to develop:

First, high standard construction planning. Turn the original resources into suitable tourism products, which can be man-made landscapes, mountain trails, cultural performances, cultural relics and historic sites. No matter how high-quality the original resources are, if the products created are not high quality, the subsequent development will be limited.

Second, high standard supporting facilities. The quality that can match the tourism brand, the capacity that can match the core products, and the facilities that can match the saturated reception. Not necessarily tall, but can not pull the back leg; The reception ability should be strong enough to accommodate tourists; The basic needs of tourists for eating, drinking and lazing should be met.

Third, high-level marketing. In this fast-paced Internet communication environment, many new tourist attractions can quickly go out of business in a year or two, as well as Zibo barbecue, Harbin winter tour and other tourism formats that seem to be suddenly popular, all seem to be marketing efforts. From the perspective of time, the faster the rate of communication, the shorter the period of market awareness, is not necessarily the result of active marketing, but requires solid basic skills, and not everyone can catch the tremendous honor and wealth.

Fourth, efficient operation management. Tourism management is a system that involves all aspects. The top tourist attractions in China, without exception, have a set of effective management models that are suitable for themselves. The operation management is directly related to the tourist experience, indirectly related to the market reputation, and the tourist attractions with poor operation management will fall from the heights of honor and status even if they fly higher.

If you want to develop into a top tourist attraction in a region, you cannot do it without these four conditions. If a certain condition exceeds the market average, you can drive the development of the tourist attraction. If a certain condition falls behind the market average, it will affect the development of the tourist attraction.

It's a simple truth, what does it have to do with performance? There is actually a big difference.

Performances can be classified into theater performance, marching performance, immersive performance, interactive performance, etc., but in the chain of tourist attractions, there are probably several orientations:

First, performance is the core product. The local culture is the original tourism resource, and performance is the packaged tourism product, which is the core attraction. For example, Song City's Eternal Love, Impression Liu Sanjie, Everlasting Regret Song, etc. are characterized by many actors, large formation, long performance time, and the best tourist experience. The disadvantage is that the operating costs are relatively high, and actors are often paid thousands of people. This kind of product is the first generation of performance tourist attraction in China. Due to the high operating costs and the Matthew effect of the market, a province can only have two or three such performance products at most.

Second, performance is a secondary tourist product. The positioning of performance in the tourist attraction is not a core tourist attraction. Under this orientation, the scale of performance has been greatly reduced, in order to improve the tourist experience. With the help of a small and medium-sized scene, the number of actors, performance time, and performance quality have been significantly reduced or decreased, either symbolically or not. Such performance have already existed in a large area.

Third, the micro performance cluster serves as a supporting product. Represented by the explosive popularity of Tang Dynasty Never Nights City, one or two actors are a performance, which is smaller in scale, simple in content and close to tourists. It is also the embryonic form of the current popular tourism NPC. From the perspective of tourist attraction operation, the operation cost is lower and the flexibility is higher without the decline of tourist experience. This positioning is not the core attraction of tourism, but adds interest and interactivity on the original basis, which is very suitable for plain type cultural tourist attractions.

So, what is the relationship between performances and the development of tourist attractions?

Combining the two points of view above, the development of tourist attractions and the positioning of performances can not directly promote the development of tourist attractions except as a core product.

However, after the explosive popularity of the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City, it seems that there are new possibilities:

Whether the upper limit of the development of the tourist attractions can be raised by the integration of performances and scenes, the careful performance of actors, and the superposition of multiple performances to form an integrated tourism product?

The market has already given the answer. In March 2023, the Wansui Mountain will rank first in the popularity list of national tourist attractions. The Wang Po's Matchmaking show of Wansui Mountain officially went viral and became extremely popular..

There are different opinions on whether it was Wang Po who made the Wansui Mountain to be popular or the Wansui Mountain that made Wang Po to be popular, but Wang Po is 61 years old and did not have been popular before she was not in the Wansui Mountain; After the epidemic, the operation of Wansui Mountain gradually improved. When Wang Po has been popular, Wansui Mountain reached its peak. Or mutual achievements and mutual promotion.

There are more than 100 different performances in the Wansui Mountain, which made Wang Po to be popular. I feel that the logic of the explosive popularity is the same as that of the Tang Dynasty Never Nights City, which became popular like a tumbler. The time, geography, people and even some metaphysics are indispensable. I would like to talk about my views from the perspective of the development of the tourist attractions.

Kaifeng Wansui Mountain was once a famous royal garden in the Song Dynasty. Now it can be understood as a complex of ancient cit and park. Recently, several colleagues from Shanxi came to Wansui Mountain to study. Later, they talked with me. They said that the most famous thing in Shanxi is the ancient city, and there are countless more than Wansui Mountain, but the operation is not good.

My opinion is different. From the perspective of original resources, Wansui Mountain and other ancient cities are basically the same. There is no doubt about this. But from the perspective of original resources to the creation of products, Wansui Mountain is the form of “ancient city +garden+performance interpreting culture”. Most ancient cities in Shanxi are simply “ancient city tour+explanation”, which is a completely different product.

The key point of why the business gap is so large lies in performances empowerment.

The high-tech boat show, Shenzhou Boat Wonders, jointly created by Wansui Mountain and Vanyee, takes a large boat in the water as the stage, and performs small programs such as water flying men and rings in the daytime, and large-scale cultural and tourism performances integrating various high-tech special effects in the evening, which not only improves the space utilization of the theater in the tourist attraction, but also creates a fresh and shocking viewing experience for tourists.

In addition to Shenzhou Boat Wonders, Wansui Mountain also has a 60 minutes international circus and a 30 minutes hit Zhujiazhuang three times”. These blockbuster performances and dozens of other short and smooth micro performances are combined into a tourist attraction tour route with diverse forms and flexible experience. The performances of the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City are almost free of charge, and they are iterated quickly according to the feedback of tourists. This new tourism experience coincides with the concept of “whole park performance” proposed by Vanyee, Wansui Mountain&’s long-term partner.

It is worth mentioning that in the process of long-term service for cultural and tourism customers, Vanyee has put forward the overall planning concept of “five lines in one”: time line, customer group line, cultural line, performance line and operation line, and integrated the regional culture, nature, duration, operation, actors and other related resources to achieve the economy, applicability and sustainability of cultural and tourism performance projects.

Performance empowerment has formed integrated tourism products, enhanced the competitiveness of the tourist attractions, and raised the upper limit of the development of the tourist attractions.

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