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Vanyee’s New Work | The Real-scene Performance
Apr 10, 2024

In the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" written by Luo Guanzhong, a stunning and unparalleled woman, with her own strength, saved the Han Dynasty and gave the people a clean and upright world. She is Diao Chan, one of the "four beauties of ancient Chinese".

Although Diao Chan is a character in the novel, there is a mountain ditch called Diaoyagou valley in Lintao County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province. Therefore, Lintao County is also considered the hometown of Diao Chan. Looking at each other in time and space, once every thousand years, by the banks of the Taoshui River, the scene of Diao Chan reappears. When the beautiful figure Diao Chan in Luo Guanzhong's novel transforms into a graceful figure and gracefully emerges from the painting, what kind of stunning scene would it be?

Xizhou Mingyuan Park
Grand opening

On May 1st, 2024, Xizhou Mingyuan Park, located in Lintao County, Gansu Province, is about to grandly open. Re-imagining of Diaochan, the first large-scale immersive real-scene performance with the theme of Diao Chan, produced by Lintao Cultural and Tourism Investment Group, chiefly produced by Vanyee, and directed by Yao Erxiao, will also be a stunning performance.


After getting drunk, people didn't know that the sky was reflected on the water surface, and the boat was full of clear dreams, pressing against the river with stars in its reflection. Xizhou Mingyuan Park is a large-scale landscape garden that grows between mountains and rivers, with a vast water area and beautiful artistic conception. It covers a total area of about 714 acres and a total investment of about CNY350 million. It is a cultural and leisure complex that integrates real-life performance areas, homestay experience areas, leisure and health areas, food taste areas, agricultural and cultural tourism comprehensive exhibition areas, and water entertainment areas.


Based on the existing pavilions, pavilions, buildings, corridors, and ponds in Mingyuan Park, Re-imagining of Diaochan takes Diao Chan,one of the "four beauties of ancient Chinese", as the main theme, and uses imagery such as water, moon, and flowers to express the local culture of Lintao. Through the use of poetry, painting, music, dance, and shadow, it creates an immersive water reality performance show that combines Eastern aesthetics with contemporary art, and perfectly blends the passion of the frontier with the elegant charm of the regions south of the Yangtze River. From a modern perspective, it reinterprets the beauty of Diao Chan and the beauty of women.

Re-imagining of Diaochan
Waiting for you on May Day

Luo Guanzhong, the author of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," while he drunk in Lintao, Gansu, he wrote the story of Diao Chan. The character Diao Chan comes fromthis  novel. Re-imagining of Diaochan, as the first large-scale immersive real-scene performance with the theme of Diao Chan, it mainly tells the story of Diaochan. As soon as Diao Chan danced, the bright moon was covered by clouds, and she met and fell in love with Lu Bu. Later, she influenced Lu Bu and calmed the war, and finally transformed into the Flower God of the Flower Festival, sent blessings to women, returned to Lintao, and protected Lintao. It can be divided into six major chapters: a new branch of beautiful flowers swaying in the wind, a painting of a pearl flowing out of the water, the moon shines in the shadows of colorful clouds, flames of war and red clouds falling from the sky, a hundred flowers blooming in spring, and a centuries dream of eternal love.



Different from traditional performance, Vanyee's pre-operation, creates the first super IP of Diao Chan's hometown metaverse in the early stage of script creation, laying the groundwork for the hot topic of marketing. In the construction of the project, it pioneered the combination of water mechanical flipping and "illusion" stage, creating a multi-level water, land, and air real-life performance space. Combined with group dance performances, water mist effects, equestrian stunts, and aerial wire stunt performances, it will present the audience with a painting of "timeless and extraordinary women" like Diao Chan who never gives up to men.



The historical and cultural resources that have come to life are more charming, while the traditional culture that has become popular is more ingrained in one's heart. Re-imagining of Diaochan is not only a new example of cultural and tourism integration development created by actively integrating and promoting the "Symphony Silk Road · Ruyi Gansu" cultural and tourism brand in Lintao County, but also the first Diao Chan themed garden style live performance and the first courtyard style immersive light  show in the province. Vanyee sincerely invites everyone to Xizhou Mingyuan Park to visit Diao Chan's hometown during the May Day holiday and see the performance Re-imagining of Diaochan.



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