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National Honor | Vanyee Has Been Awarded as a Demonstration Base of National Cultural Industry
Apr 01, 2024

On March 26th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a new batch of approved demonstration bases of national cultural industry, and Vanyee was selected as one of the new batch of demonstration base of national cultural industry.

Picture source丨Official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China

As the name suggests, a cultural demonstration base is characterized by distinct cultural characteristics, representativeness, innovation, and a demonstrative and driving role. At present, the total asset scale of 384 demonstration bases in China has reached CNY5.5 trillion, with approximately 507,000 employees. In 2023, the total operating income exceeded CNY1.3 trillion. They have continuously innovated in the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, the creation and production of excellent cultural product content, the integration and development of digital cultural creativity, culture and tourism, and other related industries. They have played a positive role in meeting the new expectations of the people's spiritual and cultural life.



As a cultural and creative high-tech enterprise, Vanyee adheres to using high-tech technology as a means and Chinese culture as the background, deeply cultivating the cultural tourism and entertainment industry for 30 years. In promoting the integration and innovation of the cultural industry, it has made a lot of exploration and practice, continuously promoting innovation in the cultural tourism industry, and telling the story of a good city and present the beauty of culture through one popular cultural and tourism performance work after another across the internet.

In the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City, Henan
Empowering the tourist attraction with culture and technology to continuously dominate the screen

Recently, the popular tourist attraction, the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City in Kaifeng, Henan, has a 4-year partnership of Vanyee. Shenzhou Boat Wonders, produced by Vanyee in 2019 at the Song Dynasty of Kungfu City, takes the Song Dynasty culture as the creative basis, creates a dry and wet switching stage of more than 120 meters on a water area of over 2,000 square meters, with a 60 meters sea boat hull as the background, and creates the country's first combination of realistic stage, allowing tourists to enter a new world of experience in a virtual and real combined performing atmosphere. The performance is still classic and popular today and has been widely praised, and is known as one of the three flagship performance programs that must be checked in for tourist attractions. Now both sides have reached cooperation on the newly developed "Chivalrous swordsmen wonderland" project in Wuxia Square and the East District, creating a dreamlike world of chivalrous swordsmen through cultural and technological integration and innovation.


In the Fantasy Valley of Hubei Fantasy Resort
Leveraging the traffic password of the park with mechanical performance

Have you ever seen a giant robot 20 meters tall in the real world? At the Fantasy Valley Alliance Arena in Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort, Hubei Province, the world's first "Steampunk Machinery" reality stunt show, "Awakening Adam", produced by Xiangyang OCT and jointly produced by Vanyee, breaks the inherent impression of Chinese original stunt show historical themes or directly introduces existing foreign projects. It injects the core of Chinese martial arts spirit into the shell of punk machinery themed movie grade blockbusters, achieving a combination of Chinese and Western in script creation, revitalizing the stage visually in dance aesthetics, and developing symbolic symbols "giant robot" with a height of 20m and a width of 40m that can be "resurrected" through technological innovation, creating a model of Chinese original film blockbuster level live action stunt shows and becoming a popular entertainment product that must be checked in for Fantasy Valley. Since its debut, the venue has been packed, and it has won multiple honors such as the 2022 Brass Ring Award finalist, "Most Creative Sports/Stunt Show".

In Phu Quoc island, Vietnam, activating urban leisure and vacation tours with light and water shows; In the waters of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, utilizing technological performances to revitalize marine tourism resources; In the Guangdong LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station, using trendy play IP to create a new urban cultural landmark... For many years, Vanyee has adhered to the mission of "creativity and technologies show the beauty of cultural tourism", creating multiple unique and long-lasting cultural tourism and entertainment well-known works throughout the country.


Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. As a pioneer in technology performance, standing at a new starting point of national honor, Vanyee will further leverage its core competitiveness in the integration of "culture and technology", continue to break through and innovate in the field of "performance+", carry out "industrial innovation, product innovation, and technological innovation", and comprehensively promote the prosperity and development of the cultural and tourism industry.

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