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Start a Big Year Feeling Energetic! Vanyee Will Drive the Performance to a New High in 2024!
Feb 24, 2024

Pray for a beautiful beginning with the full moon of the New Year. In the Spring Festival of 2024, Vietnam received about 10.5 million tourists nationwide, a year-on-year increase of 16.6%. Among them, about 3.5 million tourists stayed overnight, a year-on-year increase of 75%. The average occupancy rate of hotel rooms was 45% to 50%. and the year of 2024 was started with excellent Spring Festival results!

"Golden Loong" accompanies leisure and travels during the Chinese New Year. During this Spring Festival, the way of "reuniting in the first half and traveling in the second half" has become a new way of celebrating the New Year. Tourism has become a new demand for people to have a better life. At the same time, cultural performances in various regions are also showing a brilliant and prosperous state of both people and wealth. Tourism and entertainment are becoming one of the popular check-in projects for tourists.

As the leader of scientific and technological performance, various cultural and tourism performance works produced by Vanyee were attracted a large number of people during the Spring Festival, which made a good start for the development of culture and tourism in the the Year of the Loong.

Now, let's take a look together
Various new ways to play cultural and tourism performances during the Spring Festival holiday

Grandview Plaza, Guangzhou
Reached a climactic state

On the night of the lights, the 2024 Spring Festival activity of Grandview Plaza, "the Tang Thousand Lantern Festival at Grandview Plaza· West Encounter Changge", is being staged. This year's Thousand Lantern Festival, taking the "the Belt and Road" as the clue, and the "Silk Road of the Tang Dynasty" as the axis, reproduces the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. From the first day of the New Year to the seventh day of the New Year, the Tianhe Road business circle has a passenger flow of about 12.6178 million people, with the overall passenger flow of Grandview Plaza increasing by 21% compared with 2023, The sales revenue increased by 12% year-on-year in 2023, It has reached a climactic state.

Among them, in Grandview Plaza Penguin Ice and Snow World, the ice and snow Tang style dance show "Flying Snow in Red" and the snow lighting show "Snow Aurora Show", produced by Vanyee, are grandly performed in the peach forest of ice and snow. The flying snow floats in the sky, beauty's red skirt fluttering, and the brilliant aurora shines, creating a unique atmosphere of ice and snow "aurora" for citizens and tourists. The performance attracted many citizens and tourists to stop and watch, and the scene was full of New Year's feeling, It's incredibly lively.

Guangdong Show of Thousands
Boosted the economy of the city

The beginning is the peak! At the beginning of the performance, it can attract a lot of people! On the first day of the Chinese New Year, Guangdong Show of Thousands, created by Songcheng, made a stunning debut in anticipation. During the Spring Festival holiday, it received about 410000 visitors, and the show "Guangdong Show of Thousands" had a total of 65 performances. During the peak tourist days, it held 9 consecutive performances, breaking multiple records for single day performances of the newly opened "Show of Thousands" and becoming a popular cultural and tourism landmark in the Greater Bay Area, driving Foshan to become one of the popular tourist destinations in the Greater Bay Area.

The large-scale song and dance "Guangdong Show of Thousands" takes the transmission of culture as the starting point, uses high-tech as the narrative method, and uses multiple artistic methods to interpret the roots and soul of Guangdong culture, bringing joy, shock and emotion directly to the hearts of the audience. Vanyee is empowered with technology, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the splendid collision of ancient civilization and modern technology.

Night of Military Port
Lighting up Zhanjiang

On the sea surface of Zhanjiang, the marine art light show, My Name Is Zhanjiang, phase I of the first military themed maritime cultural and tourism performance project enabled by Vanyee with science and technology was staged, and the performance lasted until February 24th (Lantern Festival).

As the phase II of the performance project of "My Name is Zhanjiang", "Night of the Military Port" will make a stunning debut in the near future. This will be a major breakthrough in cultural and tourism performance, establishing a seating area for thousands of spectators on the sea, and building a flexible and changing mechanical stage. Through five chapters of "Cast Ship", "Encounter Ship", "Sharpen Ship", "Dream Ship" and "Bright Ship", will use stunning digital technology, light art, stage effects and immersive interaction to tell the tumultuous years of Zhanjiang's 30-year battle with wind and waves, creating an extremely immersive, heart shaking and unprecedented five sense experience for tourists.

The Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City
Central media coverage

The Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City, which is widely discussed on the whole network, has made a good start in the the Year of the Loong. The Spring Festival temple fair and Lantern Festival have received 753,000 tourists in total, and the number of online topic broadcasts has also exceeded 200 million. CCTV, People's Network, Henan TV Station, Kaifeng TV Station, Dahe News, Daxiang Merged Media and many other media have focused on reporting.

More than 500 performances, 10,000 lanterns, dreamy iron flowers, dual music festivals, live performances and the newly upgraded dual music festival mode allow tourists to enjoy a wonderful Spring Festival celebration. At the same time, the highly anticipated "Immortal and Heroic Wonderland" has also ushered in a grand opening. Vanyee is empowered with technological performances, creating a fairyland atmosphere of flowing mountains and rivers, shrouded in clouds and mist, and elevated by singing and dancing. The brilliance of the immortal and heroic world is definitely beyond your imagination.

Xiangyang Fantasy Valley
Explosive new year in Xiangyang

With a passenger flow of over 300,000 people, the New Year in Xiangyang is booming. During the Spring Festival holiday, Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort has once again sparked a new wave of holiday cultural and tourism consumption, igniting the popularity of the Xiangyang's Spring Festival holiday.

In the Fantasy Valley, the "fantasy fireworks lightyear" and the intangible cultural heritage stunt "fire dragon steel flower" showcase the Chinese style romance blooming in the night sky, attracting many tourists to visit and admire. At the performance, hot molten iron was thrown into the air, falling upside down from a high place. Iron flowers splashed and thousands of them rushed into the deep and silent night sky, like a colorful rain of iron flowers. The dancing dragon and the blooming steel flowers complemented each other.

In the alliance arena, there are no empty seats and the venue is fully booked. The stunt show "Awakening Adam" jointly produced by Vanyee staged thrilling scenes of "human and machine wars" in the hot the Year of the Loong Spring Festival with lofty and high momentum. The novel and cool performance experience attracted bursts of cheers and exclamations from the audience, adding a strong and lively atmosphere to the the Year of the Loong Spring Festival, and setting everyone's expectations for the New Year.

Cultural and tourism performances are popular all over the world
Elevated the rank of Spring Festival tourism

All kinds of cultural and tourism performances, such as "Guangdong Show of Thousands", which was boosted the economy of the city, "the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City", which has been restricted several times due to excessive foot traffic, or "the Color of Venice", a night tour in Đảo Phú Quốc in Vietnam, "Night Carnival", a night tour in Lishugou  in Beijing, and "the Fantamaze of Blossoms", a night tour at Millefiore in the Greater Bay Area, have become powerful players in "carrying the flag" during the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Loong, winning a full house of praise for the popular Spring Festival travel package.

The hot Spring Festival cultural and tourism market can not be separated from the tourism supply side of continuous innovation. Vanyee, as an innovative servicer and operator in the whole chain of cultural and tourism performance industry, has continuously launched innovative cultural and tourism performance products, which has improved the rank of Spring Festival tourism, brought new experiences for citizens and tourists in the the Year of the Loong, celebrated the Spring Festival joyfully and welcomed the New Year with full vitality. In the new year, Vanyee will drive the cultural and tourism industry to a new high with a leaping momentum!



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