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A Borderless Theater of Over 55000 Meters! Watching Live Performances at Sea Is So Stunning !
Feb 01, 2024

Throughout history, the sea has been a path for people to engage in trade and harvest. In the 21st century, at a time when people's spiritual and entertainment needs urgently need to be met, on this magical sea surface, people are challenging unpredictable waves and technical difficulties, thus presenting many exciting and heart shaking feasts to the public, allowing people to continuously obtain spiritual enrichment and entertainment satisfaction on this sea road Let's take a look at how "the world’s first sea live light drama" has "weathered the wind and waves", bringing shock and beauty to every audience?

Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea

Under the 55000 meters long Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, there is an unprecedented borderless theater on the sea, featuring China's first over 1000 square meters sea ice screen giant screen, and creating a unique sea reality light drama in the world.

It is a performance of intelligent mechanical installation and special effects produced by Vanyee; It takes the borderless sea as the stage, Zhuhai-Macao city as the performance background, nine performance boats as the carrier; It uses the world's first 1000 square meters giant sea ice screen, sea multi screen mobile combination, sea multi track mobile giant machinery, unique multifunctional special effects robotic arm, sea fountain, and various sound and light special effects to create a mirage of beautiful scenery, allowing tourists to enjoy a multi layered cultural and tourism experience of " going to sea, watching bridge and drama".

It is the world’s first sea live light drama, Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea, which took 16 months and more than 500 days of creative and production process, riding the wind and waves, just to shock the attention of every audience.

01 "Technology+culture" nurture a unique sea view

Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea, tells the story of a Chinese merchant family spanning three generations on the Maritime Silk Road, sticking to a promise that will be kept. However, behind such a stunning performance, there is a strong technical support. On the sea level with raging winds and waves, how can we perfectly present such a super stunning live light drama to the audience?

The technical team has gone through numerous tests and challenges for this, and the emergence of offshore multi screen mobile combination and offshore multi rail mobile giant machinery has also emerged. In the face of tests and challenges, adhering to the principle of "technology showcases the beauty of culture and tourism", Vanyee utilizes its own technological advantages, empowers breakthroughs in numerous technological difficulties with technological innovation, and helps the birth of this "beauty of culture and tourism".

02 Technology empowers overcoming difficulties, bringing a new and shocking experience to the audience

These seemingly magnificent and stunning ships actually have limited space and load capacity, and the general technological equipment is bulky and huge. With excellent technical research and development capabilities, Vanyee’s technology team has conducted multiple precise calculations and experimental tests, using lightweight special materials to develop and design an 18 meters multi-level lifting high-tech installation, which not only greatly reduces the space occupancy rate of the equipment, the lightweight design also reduces the load burden on the hull.

Fountains, water effects and other water sources used during the performance are all sourced from seawater, which is corrosive and can easily corrode repetitive spraying devices. After multiple considerations, Vanyee’s technology team has selected special materials that are resistant to seawater corrosion and developed a high-tech rotating robotic arm that can be flipped up to 80 degrees, used for carrying equipment such as fountains and water effects that come into contact with seawater. 

The dangers posed by many uncertain waves and winds during sea level performances in deep sea areas are incalculable. After countless overturns, Vanyee’s technology team has developed and designed a circular rotating high-tech installation (as shown in the picture below) that is 9 meters high and 8 meters in diameter. It can withstand level 6 sea wind and carry a shaped LED screen, which can perform normally at sea level. It is also equipped with an automatic tracking system, which can make the LED image presented in the performance always face the audience, achieving a stage effect of riding the wind and waves.

Embrace difficulties and move forward knowing them. The special performance environment, special hull, and special equipment architecture have jointly created a unique sea reality light drama, Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea. In the future, Vanyee will continue to carry the determination to conquer the sea and the confidence to conquer the audience, constantly leveraging its own advantages to create more and better culture, to

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