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400000 Foot Traffic! Vanyee Helps Nanchang Honggutan Light Show Gone Viral!
Jan 23, 2024

On the New Year's Eve in Nanchang's Honggutan, the pearl water flows brightly and the splendid lanterns illuminate both sides of the river. Data shows that the core area of the Honggutan light show had nearly 400000 people that night. The city's night scene and light show, represented by "both sides of the river" and "new central axis," rose to the sky and became a beautiful new business card of the city.

A light show on both sides of the river
Lighting up the night economy in Nanchang

The large-scale New Year's Eve event in Nanchang, New Year's Eve, Meeting in Nanchang——Honggutan New Year's Eve, was grandly held in Honggutan. It was hosted by the Honggutan District Committee of the Communist Party of China in Nanchang and China Jiangxi Radio and TV Station. Vanyee as the technical support unit for the lighting director, assisted in the innovative integration of large-scale laser light shows and concerts. The brilliant lights adorned the city's night sky and illuminated people's happy lives.

That night, accompanied by a passionate melody, Nanchang Green Central Petronas Twin Towers opened on time with a four color laser show and a light show on both sides of the river. Along the central axis of the new city, which is connected by urban landmarks such as Qiushui Square, Rising Square, Colorful Green City and Green Twin Towers, with the sky as the curtain and more than 180 high-rise buildings on both sides of the river as the screen, jointly create a 4-hour long "light start central axis, dragon soaring in Honggu" urban light show, with rhythmic light and brilliant brilliance.

The lights have illuminated the night sky and night economy of Nanchang. This light show at Honggutan has become famous, bringing considerable external value to Nanchang's night economy, igniting new vitality in industries such as tourism, catering and commerce, and bringing infinite possibilities for the future development of urban culture and tourism.

Using "light" as a paintbrush
Interpreting city stories

"The special of this year's Nanchang Honggutan light show is that light is not only meant to show the technology, but also emphasize the combination of urban culture and light technology, and integrate high-tech digital technology and rich artistic elements to present the stunning" beauty of light". At the same time, light is used to interpret Nanchang's urban and era stories to the world." The chief lighting director of Vanyee said.

As the first large-scale laser light show in Nanchang, this light show uses four main colors: red, lake blue, rose purple and gold throughout the entire process, combined with the rhythm of the concert, to stir up the rhythm of the city. Red represents the background color of hero city, lake blue symbolizes technology and the future, rose purple symbolizes that Honggutan is becoming a trendy reception hall for the world, and gold reflects that Nanchang is becoming a "golden" place to invest , thriving and full of vitality.

Approaching the countdown to midnight, the finale of the New Year's Eve light show made a magnificent appearance. The twin towers and the tall buildings on both sides of the river light up the rhythm of the city, sometimes cutting out sharp edges and sometimes transforming into beautiful light curtains, creating a flowing picture. While bringing a strong visual shock to everyone, it also leaves a beautiful impression on the audience at the scene of Nanchang.

Using "light" as the  paintbrush, urban culture and technological innovation as the background, interpret the beautiful future of the city and create new experiences for people's spiritual life. This is the mission of Vanyee and the driving force for our progress. In the future, we will continue to use "technological interpretation" to illuminate and interpret the brilliant chapter of urban development.

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