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Vanyee’s Honor | Awarded the "Top 10 Cultural and Tourism Major Consumer Service Providers 2023"
Jan 18, 2024

At the beginning of the new year, joy is boundless. The 3rd New LvJie Cultural and Tourism Innovation Development Forum&2023 Cultural and Tourism Fashion List Awards Ceremony, hosted by New LvJie, the famous cultural and tourism consumer media platform, was grandly held with the theme of "Boundless Symbiosis". The event gathered experts and leaders in the field of cultural and tourism consumption to discuss the new ecosystem of boundless and symbiosis. Vanyee won the honor of "Top 10 Cultural and Tourism Major Consumer Service Providers in 2023", and Li Zheng, vice president was invited to attend the event.

Li Zheng, vice president of Vanyee (sixth place from the right)

Since the launch of the 2016 Cultural and Tourism Fashion List, it has received high attention and wide recognition from various sectors of politics, business, academia, and research. The Cultural and Tourism Fashion List praises leaders, innovative enterprises, ingenious projects, and potential cities who promote industrial development in terms of vision, pattern, and innovation. At the same time, it helps the industry to gather consensus, grasp trends, provide a platform and opportunity for mutual learning among industries, and inject sustained momentum into the development of the cultural and tourism industry.

Discover industry pioneers and look for industry role models. The 2023 Cultural and Tourism Fashion List has set up a total of 26 awards in five categories: Enterprise Award, City Award, Project Award, Investment Award, and Person Award. It has selected a benchmark that stands out in the forefront of the 2023 industrial upheaval. As a leader in the field of technology and entertainment, Vanyee has independently developed trendy IP, LEI HOU MAO. From the product creative design to landing and welcoming customers, it has stood out in hundreds of industry competitions with its continuous innovation, successfully ranked among the top 10 cultural and tourism major consumer service providers in 2023.

Trend is "play", playing with all things, customizing everything with the spirit of trendy play, and creating a space for technological and artistic experience. LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station is the first trendy play new landmark in Dongguan that integrates steam wave and cyberpunk styles into an immersive cultural and creative space, emotional healing space and young trendy play formats. With urban culture as the IP creation base, it is named "LEI HOU MAO" and sets up a trendy play experience night tour route. Diversified cultural and tourism products complement each other, and a "day+night" full time business combination model is adopted, Dedicated to creating a new type of cultural and creative interactive space for the ultimate experience of local citizens and tourists from other places.

Crossing adversity and reaching the stars. Borrowing Li Yang's summary of the activity, the founder of the New LvJie, after the dawn, there will be the first light of morning. 2024 has arrived, with challenges and opportunities coexisting. Vanyee will firmly take "technological innovation+cultural activation" as the core driving force for enterprise development, committed to creating new experiences for people's spiritual life.

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