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Immersive Night Tour Is Popular, What Types of Tourist Attractions Are Suitable for Developing Night Tour ?
Jan 09, 2024

Nowadays, competition among various tourist destinations is unprecedentedly fierce. How to better enrich tourist experiences, retain tourists, gain advantages in competition, attract tourists, and increase their stay time? Creating immersive night tours will has a very broad market development space. Whether targeting local citizens for leisure or foreign tourists, various tourist destinations can use night tour light shows to quickly focus on popularity and occupy the blue ocean of "night tour", standing out in the current trend of leisure tourism.

So, what types of tourist attractions are suitable for developing night tourism?

Type I: Seaside resort tourist attractions

For seaside leisure and vacation destinations with a certain number of tourists and certain infrastructure conditions, overnight tourists have a strong and even thirsty demand for night tourism activities. They can explore the combination of night tourism and their own seaside content during the peak tourism season, open up unique seaside night tourism and experience activities, activate the existing market of tourism destinations, extend tourist travel time and increase related tourism income.

Type II: Natural tourist attractions

This type is represented by famous mountains and rivers, including natural tourist attractions such as rivers, lakes and seas. Such natural tourist attractions have also been a hot topic in recent years. Due to the work pressure, high life pressure and severe urban pollution, many people hope to relax and enjoy fresh air in nature. Therefore, in recent years, the temperature of ecotourism has risen rapidly, natural tourism attractions have also been widely welcomed. Based on the terrain and geographical characteristics, cultural characteristics, traditional holidays, projection shows, water dance&sound and light shows, as well as the integration of performances, bar night markets, etc., can be created to a rich and colorful night tour project, making the night more charming than the day.

Type III: Urban public leisure areas

Urban public leisure areas are gathering areas for modern urban leisure activities and windows of urban landscapes, especially at night, where a large amount of nightlife naturally gathers, making them excellent leisure and commercial spaces. From a cultural or landscape perspective, a night that is more distinctive, psychedelic, and charming is not only an important promotion of commercial operations, but also a part of shaping the attractiveness of local characteristics. The lighting of the environment is only the background, and how to achieve the above "three-more" is the goal and task of such regional night tourism construction.

Type IV: Theme parks and characteristic towns

The construction of theme parks and characteristic towns in Vietnam is constantly developing towards a wider and deeper scope. With increasing investment in infrastructure construction, people's desire and possibility for nighttime travel are gradually increasing. The night projects of theme parks and characteristic towns cannot bring tourists either shock, pleasure, or romantic feelings without the rendering of the environment by lighting, the stunning light show performance formed by the combination of light show, naked eye 3D and holographic projection can form a night time eye-catching finale performance project.

Immersive experience allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the created world and truly immerse themselves, which is also an inevitable trend in the future development of cultural tourism. Next, I would like to recommend a few popular new scene night tour works to everyone!

The Fantamaze of Blossoms
The first aquatic and land double-line night tour with the theme of flower sea

At Millefiore, the first aquatic and land double-line night tour with the theme of flower sea in the Greater Bay Area, the Fantamaze of Blossoms, produced by Vanyee has been staged in the Greater Bay Area. Within 7 days, the resort has achieved a historic high in foot traffic, and the resort hotel has been fully booked for 6 consecutive days. The Fantamaze of Blossoms night tour has even become popular on various online channel. The Fantamaze of Blossoms is an immersive light night tour that combines water and land, immersive walking, multi-dimensional interaction, beautiful dance scenes, and artistic performances. It mainly tells the fantastic story of brave explorers who step into the mysterious Millefiore based on ancient legends, and go through various tests to search for rare grass fairy flowers. The Fantamaze of Blossoms is not only an immersive night tour experience, but also a process of self discovery.

Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea
The world’s first sea live light drama

The world’s first sea live light drama, Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea, was created by Vanyee. Once this new form of night tourism that integrates new technology is launched, it has become a beloved cultural and tourism new species for many media and audiences. Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea, let tourists enjoy the multiple cultural night tour experience of “going to sea, watch bridge and drama”. This drama combines "cultural tourism+light show", integrating technology, fun and culture. It is the world's first immersive borderless theater on the sea, leading tourists to enjoy the dazzling lights, invincible night scenes and magnificent scenery of the city coastline. It opens up a surreal and stunning viewing experience brought by "black technology" and immersive mobile theaters.

Immersive night tour is becoming more and more popular. With the continuous pursuit of tourism experience, people are paying more attention to the ability to go out during night time, where there are places to go and things to see. The continuous innovation and upgrading of night products can become a new business card for local tourism, adding regional cultural charm and attraction, and also improving the tourist experience.

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