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How to Play on Christmas Eve? Vanyee Creates a New Night Tour Experience!
Jan 02, 2024

Christmas is the most important annual festival in Western countries. Many countries have Christmas holidays, where students and families exchange Christmas gifts. The importance of Christmas in Western countries is on par with that of the Spring Festival in Asians. Christmas was not introduced to Asian countries until the mid-19th century. In recent years, with the acceleration of globalization, Christmas has also been valued by many people without any borders.



In Vietnam, Christmas is also one of the most solemn holidays of the year. People from the major Vietnamese cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Tinh Ninh Binh, and Tinh Thua Thien - Hue celebrate Christmas in various provinces, especially with the Christmas atmosphere filling the streets and alleys of these cities. The front of the cathedral is also crowded with people coming to pray and celebrate Christmas. However, besides the strong Christmas atmosphere, is there any more exciting Christmas Eve gameplay? Let's take a look at the innovative Christmas Eve gameplay created by Vanyee!



01.Brand Concept
LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station

"LEI HOU~My name is LEI HOU MAO!". Trend is "play", playing with all things, customizing everything with the spirit of trendy play, and creating a space for technological and artistic experience. LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station was established in 2022 and is a digital interactive trendy play IP independently developed by Vanyee. It is independently operated and managed by Vanyee's operating subsidiary.



The City of trendy play - the first trendy play new landmark in Dongguan that integrates steam wave and cyberpunk styles into an immersive cultural and creative space, emotional healing space and young trendy play formats. With urban culture as the IP creation base, it is named "LEI HOU MAO" and sets up a trendy play experience night tour route. Diversified cultural and tourism products complement each other, and a "day+night" full time business combination model is adopted, Dedicated to creating a new type of cultural and creative interactive space for the ultimate experience of local citizens and tourists from other places.


02.Surging Crowds
LEO HOU MAO Creates a New Christmas Night Tour Experience

Christmas is an imaginative festival, but this year it was LEO HOU MAO who arrived before Santa Claus! Spend Christmas in LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station and seize the C-role on Christmas Eve together.



Digital interactive night tour

When night falls, the garden area located in the center of the Vanyee park, there are more than 20 interactive night tour nodes with lighting technology, allowing you to enjoy your Christmas Eve without stopping. Vanyee introduced advanced sound, light, electricity, holographic projection and digital interactive technology from around the world, creating a gathering place for night tours and trendy entertainment influencers.



Theme blind box theater

A thoughtful and versatile blind box theater with diverse and unpredictable performances, covering a total area of approximately 200㎡ and accommodating 180 audiences.
The versatile trendy play space closely follows the trend of digitization, fully leveraging the Internet advantages, opening up online and offline channels, and applying cutting-edge digital technologies such as VR, AR and MR to interactive entertainment, creating a new trendy play station with distinct themes and truly immersive trendy play experience.



Laser interactive game-Special Agent X: Ray Array Crisis

Playing means playing with excitement. The first laser game in Dongguan, Special Agent X: Ray Array Crisis, has made a brilliant debut, allowing everyone to transform into special agents, experience excitement, avoid lasers, successfully pass the levels, and have a chance to win prizes such as the Switch game player prepared by LEI HOU MAO !



Dreamland, large-scale situational water show

In this trendy play station, there are not only fun but also beautiful things to watch. That is the first situational large-scale water show in Dongguan, Dreamland, allowing you to enter the clown's dream together and experience a different dream journey.



In addition, there are many other night interactive games and stage performances in LEI HOU MAO Trendy Play Station, greatly meeting the needs of citizens and tourists for a new Christmas night tour experience and promoting innovative development of the city's night economy!


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