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Vanyee’s Honor | Won Two Major Awards of 2023 Amusement Industry-Golden Crown Awards!
Dec 19, 2023

On December 7th and 8th, 2023, the 2023 Amusement Industry · Golden Crown Award ceremony, hosted by the well-known professional magazine "Amusement Industry" in the cultural and tourism industry, the list of winner was officially announced after multiple stages of public solicitation and voting. Vanyee has won two awards in 2023, namely "Outstanding Light, Water Curtain and Performance Supplier" and "2023 Outstanding Contribution Award in the Cultural and Tourism Industry".

Danny Li, Vice President of Vanyee, was invited to attend the event (the first from the left)

Since its establishment in 2016, the Golden Crown Award has become one of the highest authoritative awards in the amusement industry. The Golden Crown Award plays an irreplaceable role in encouraging excellent enterprises, promoting well-known brands, and advocating innovative services, greatly promoting the development of the amusement and entertainment industry. The Golden Crown Award ceremony has also become a major event in the industry. The 2023 Golden Crown Award in the amusement industry has set up a total of 32 awards in three categories: "Outstanding Supplier," "Outstanding Amusement Park/Attraction" and "Outstanding Amusement Player."

The 2023 Golden Crown Award selection was launched on August 7th, 2023, attracting more than 300 high-quality enterprises and amusement parks from the cultural and tourism industry to participate. Vanyee stood out among many outstanding enterprises and won the "Outstanding Light, Water Screen and Performance Supplier" award for 2023 with its "Pinggu Night Talk" created in the World Leisure Valley Lishugou Leisure Valley in Beijing. At the same time, Ricky Lau, the president of Vanyee won the "2023 Cultural and Tourism Industry Outstanding Contribution Award" for his contribution to the innovative development of cultural and tourism performance industry.

Ricky Lau, the President of Vanyee

2023 Golden Crown Award - Outstanding Contribution Award of 2023 Cultural and Tourism Industry

2023 Golden Crown Award - Outstanding Light, Water Screen and Performance Supplier

Award winning work "Pinggu Night Talk"

Large-scale night tour carnival and water show with the theme of the Great Wall memory

Outstanding Light, Water Curtain and Performance Supplier

Lishugou Leisure Valley, known as the "World Leisure Valley", is a natural landscape scenic spot about 100 kilometers away from the city center. Due to its beautiful and steep natural scenery, rich and diverse leisure and entertainment formats, and the health and wellness of the suburban mountains, it has been widely welcomed by surrounding tourists.

The location of the leisure valley can be said to be surrounded by mountains and rivers, surrounded by beautiful peaks on both sides. The emerald green lakes are like emerald stones in the mountains, embedded in them. Vanyee integrates the unique landscape and geological resources of the valley with the local history, culture, customs and customs, creating a large-scale night tour carnival and water show with the theme of the Great Wall memory called "Pinggu Night Talk", significantly extending the length of tourist stay in Lishugou Leisure Valley.

This new cultural and tourism performance model, which combines night carnivals with light and water shows, is different from traditional landscape lit water shows and night tours. Vnayee injects local culture as the spiritual core in content, integrates culture and technology innovation in expression methods, advocates cultural confidence and cultural awakening in product design, and places great emphasis on extracting cultural elements in the imaging of light and water screens in performances, blending tradition and fashion, the collision of ancient legends and modern technology has revitalized the classic IP in the local culture of Lishugou, thereby driving tourists to engage in self dissemination.

Since the launch of "Pinggu Night Talk", Lishugou Leisure Valley has attracted a large number of people in a short period of time with its own advantages and unique light and water show+night tour experience, attracting widespread attention from the tourism market and promoting a 50% increase in tourist growth.

Honor is the starting point, in the future, we must ride the wind and waves with a practical and hardworking attitude and pursue our ideals, create new models, scenes and benchmarks for cultural, tourism and entertainment, promote high-quality integration of culture and tourism, provide new experiences for people's growing spiritual needs, and enhance their sense of happiness in life.




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