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Lakes, River, Seas, etc, Cultural Tourism Performances Have Enriched All Night Tourism Economies
Dec 14, 2023

Water is the source of life. Humans first lived by water. For Vietnam, beach and island tourism is one of its four pillars of green economy and a magnet for attracting over 70% of international tourists to Vietnam.

Vietnam's many beaches and islands have long been famous worldwide, such as Đảo Phú Quốc, which was selected by Time magazine as one of the top 100 most beautiful destinations in the world in 2023. In addition to its beautiful and rich beaches, island water resources and unique riverside night economy - The first large-scale European cultural themed creative water show in Vietnam, produced by Vingroup, , the Color of Venice, created in collaboration with Vanyee Cultural Technologies and the team of top Vietnamese director Việt Tú, has become a beautiful scenery in Vietnam's night tourism market.

With the booming development of the tourism industry and the trend of cultural and tourism integration, new nighttime cultural and tourism performance products such as creative water shows and night tours have become standard equipment in major tourist destinations, are highly sought after by tourists. The product forms and applicable scenarios of cultural and tourism performance have become increasingly diverse. So, what types of cultural and tourism performances should be created for different tourism destinations and scenes? So can we truly achieve dual growth in passenger flow and revenue?

Today, let's take the water space as an example to address the two major issues mentioned above. From the four major water series spaces of lakes, rivers and seas, let's take a look at several popular nighttime cultural and tourism performance works in the Chinese market!


World Leisure Valley · Lishugou Leisure Valley

People often use "pearls" as a metaphor for lakes. On the land of China, there are over 24000 such "pearls" with a total area of over 80000 square kilometers. They come in various shapes, either narrow, tortuous, nearly circular, or with abrupt edges and corners, and vary greatly.

Lakes are quite common to us and there are also many woks of lake development tourism projects in China, such as light shows, night tour shows and large lake shows created separately based on water scenes in tourist destinations, as well as integrating water scenes with the entire tourist destination for cultural tourism and entertainment overall plan. Of course, the specific product forms are tailored to local conditions.

Here is a work study of overall planning - World Leisure Valley · Pinggu Lishugou Leisure Valley in Beijing.

Lishugou Leisure Valley is known as the "World Leisure Valley", widely welcomed by surrounding tourists due to its beautiful and quiet natural scenery, diverse leisure and entertainment formats, the health and wellness temperament of the suburban mountains. The leisure valley includes a vast and picturesque lake with blue waves, presenting natural scenery to tourists without tourism development. At the same time, the entire leisure valley has a rich variety of daytime leisure activities and lacks nighttime leisure activities.

Based on the above, we have explored the geographical environment and historical culture of the leisure valley, planned the entire leisure valley for cultural tourism and entertainment through the product form of night tours+creative water shows. This has made the landscape lake that used to only serve as a backdrop in the leisure valley, became the finishing touch of the current leisure valley night play business.

The planned leisure valley night play path has a total length of about 3.6 kilometers, including 22 night tour scenes, as well as the original large-scale water show performance "Pinggu Night Talk". The dual rhythm of "culture+technology" combines ancient legends with modern digital technology for virtual and real performances, providing tourists with an immersive night tour experience of dim moonlight and starry intoxication in a multi-dimensional, multi sensory and multi interactive way.

The opening of Pinggu Night Talk, large-scale night tour carnival and water show with the theme of the Great Wall memory, has greatly extended the duration of tourists' stay in Lishugou Leisure Valley. Through its high-quality business formats such as night skating, camping, homestays, entertainment, accommodation and catering, this visual and auditory feast of light and shadow, water and fire, has strung together the Beijing urban leisure and micro vacation night carnival.

Nowadays, Lishugou Leisure Valley revolves around various nodes such as a scenic spot during the day, a show at night, a day of interaction, a night of sightseeing and multiple points on the front line. With a "day+night" operation model, it provides tourists with a more diverse range of travel options and also provides new focus for the development of night economy in Pinggu. Tourists have praised it one after another.


Wenzhou, Zhejiang·Wenruitang River

"River" is a phonetic character, when we look at the oracle bone inscriptions and bronze inscriptions of the character, we can see that it is a person working by the river holding a hoe. China has more than 20 rivers, but there are countless rivers because rivers can be both naturally generated and artificially excavated. With the implementation of urban renewal, more and more rivers are being developed in combination with tourism formats, on the premise of preserving the original river function, bringing more diverse travel experiences to urban residents and tourists.

The 2019 Wenzhou Municipal Government Work Report proposes to enhance the visibility of the central urban area of Wenzhou through "large-scale construction, beauty and exquisite craftsmanship", focusing on the key nodes such as "one river, two landmarks", creating a key project for creating a moonlight economy and leisure district.

The Wenruitang River is located in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City. Its initial appearance was characterized by simple buildings during the day and basic lighting at night. The conventional commercial streets on both sides of the river are no longer attractive to young customers and the Wenruitang River is facing overall upgrading and renovation.

In the face of market demand and the geographical environment of Wenruitang River, Night Cruise on Tanghe River, China's first and pioneering night tourism poetry and painting performance work on urban theme memory has emerged. This is a night tour work with distinctive features, it is also a night tour work that is uniquely attached to the central river and urban complex. Such a night tour work has unique representative significance and has good reference significance for many cities or tourist destinations with rivers in China.

The night tour work, Night Cruise on Tanghe River, starts from Nantang Style Street in the east and ends at Lucheng Dragon Boat Base in the west, with a total tour time of about 60 minutes. The performance takes Ouyue culture as the theme and uses boats as carriers to create a Tanghe night scenery tour route. Through six themed chapters of Six Paintings of Tanghe, it tells tourists the cultural stories of Wenzhou from ancient to modern times.

Since its official performance in 2020, Night Cruise on Tanghe River has been selected as one of the outstanding innovative works in the cultural industry of Zhejiang Province in 2021 and one of the top ten innovative works in the integrated development of culture and tourism in China in 2020. The work's location, Impression Nantang, has been rated as a cultural and creative district in Zhejiang Province in 2020 and one of the first batch of national level night tourism cultural and tourism consumption clusters.

The innovation of the Wenruitang River night tour mode combines daytime urban and mountain tours with night tours along the Tanghe River and Oujiang River to form a full time and regional spiral tour, fully tapping into the tourism potential of Wenzhou urban area, driving the linkage and improvement of surrounding parks, green spaces, urban leisure belts and achieving a new level of tourism in Wenzhou.


Oujiang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang

In China, there are about 20 "rivers": the Yangtze River, Pearl River, Lancang River, Qiantang River, Jialing River, Danjiang River, Heilongjiang River, Mudanjiang River, Yarlung Zangbo River, Han River, Minjiang River, Wujiang River, Lijiang River, Ganjiang River, Xiangjiang River, Jinsha River, Beijiang River, Dongjiang River, Xijiang River and Minjiang River.

In addition to the graceful Nantang with small bridges and flowing water, Wenzhou also has the bold Oujiang River with a large river flowing eastward. The mountains stretch along both sides of the Oujiang River, with smoke rising from cooking. The scenery is comparable to that of the Lijiang River and is known as the "Lijiang River in East China".

The upgraded mountain light show "Love of Oujiang River" launched on the Lantern Festival in 2019 premiered at Shengmei Jianshan. The lights on both sides of the Oujiang River twinkled, becoming one of the biggest attractions of Wenzhou's night tour. It also won two Guinness World Records: the world's largest mountain light show and the world's largest light waterfall.

The Love of the Oujiang River is based on Shengmei Jian Mountain on the north bank of the Oujiang River, covering an area of 9.5 million square meters. The preface focuses on the theme of patriotism and natural scenery. The following five chapters, Spring, Traveling the World, Oujiang Tide, New Era and Good Motherland, use light and shadow to narrate the pace of cultural and economic development in Wenzhou over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, as well as the path of generations of Wenzhou people's wealth creation and struggle.

The Oujiang night tour, which won two Guinness World Records, has not only become one of the key works inspected by representatives of the Wenzhou Two Sessions, but also leverages the diversified development of the entire Wenzhou city's night tour economy with their own efforts.


The Greater Bay Area(GBA)(Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) · Southeast Sea Area of Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge

The ocean gives people the feeling of being vast and boundless, mysterious and unpredictable, boundless and turbulent. We have always viewed the ocean with a sense of awe and there are not many tourism products related to the ocean. The most common one is to go out to sea by ship for sightseeing, because the difficulty of developing tourism products at sea level is too great.

Although it is difficult, it does not mean that it cannot be done. Since the completion and opening of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, known as one of the "Seven Wonders of the New World" in 2018, this bridge, known as the "Mount Qomolangma" in the history of Chinese bridges, has become a necessary route for maritime shipping routes and the most representative new urban landmark for sightseeing and tourism in the Greater Bay Area, attracting the favor of tourists from both home and abroad.

Go out to the sea to watch the bridge during the day, and experience the tradition at night. Can we move the night tour products to the sea? A bold idea has created a Miracle of Maritime Tourism. With a stirring and touching melody fluttering, on the southeast side of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, a new form of night tourism carrying the Silk Road culture and integrating global new technology - the world’s first sea live light drama, Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea has been nurtured, creating a multi layered cultural and tourism experience for tourists to go out to sea, watch the bridge and enjoy the drama.

Due to the performance being performed on the sea and moving on the sea, Vanyee needs to overcome the impact of sea winds, waves and currents on the stability of boats and the corrosion prevention of special effects equipment from seawater. The project has faced more than 40 design and construction difficulties in 15 major categories, experienced countless setbacks and failures. In the end, this stunning sea view of light was presented.


The birth of Jiuzhou Boat Talk · Meeting the Sea has innovated the night sightseeing tour of sea boats in the Bay Area, fully tapping into the tourism potential of the Greater Bay Area, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the water tourism industry in the Bay Area from shallow sightseeing to deep experience. At the same time, lighting up the night economy of Zhuhai city, creating a night tourism boutique dominated by the culture and art of the Bay Area, which can leave a deep impression on people in Zhuhai city, setting a new cultural and tourism benchmark in the Greater Bay Area.

There is an interesting phenomenon here, where more and more young people's attitude towards tourism has shifted to "sleeping at day and playing at night.". With the rapid development of the night tourism economy, in addition to water spaces such as lakes, rivers and seas, there are also more diversified tourism scenes, competing for the "big cake" of the night economy through the development of cultural tourism and entertainment night tourism products. Vanyee has been deeply involved in the cultural, tourism and entertainment industry for 30 years. We firmly believe that by using a pre-thinking approach of "overall planning+creative planning+technical implementation+operational strategy" to create cultural, tourism and entertainment works, we can win a place in this cultural and tourism "traffic war".

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