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Tourism Oscar! Awakening Adam won the "Best Immersive Tourism Project Award"
Dec 12, 2023

On November 11th, the 12th ITIA Award ceremony, known as the China Tourism Oscar, was held as scheduled. A total of 20 awards were announced, there were 48 projects, personality and enterprises won the gold awards. Some judges, industry celebrities and experts of the 11th and 12th ITIA Award were present to present the winners with a golden cup, symbolizing the highest honor in the tourism investment industry.

It is worth noting that this year's "Best Immersive Cultural and Tourism Project Award" was won by Awakening Adam, it’s a live stunt show and jointly produced by Vanyee. This project is an excellent work of immersive cultural and tourism case. Let's take a look at its immersive new gameplay in theme parks together!

Awakening Adam, Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley

Best Immersive Tourism Project Award

Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort is the creative construction of OCT Group's "Fantasy Series" after the "Happy Series". As the core project of Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort "Fantasy Series", Fantasy Valley has a total investment of 4 billion Chinese Yuan and covers an area of approximately 450000 square meters. It is the latest generation of large-scale theme park of OCT Group and opening the first year of fantasy vacation for tourists.

Awakening Adam is one of the core highlight projects of Fantasy Valley's pioneering "the world's first". It premiered on June 18th, 2022 at the Fantasy Valley Alliance Arena, and was jointly produced by Vanyee. It is a brand new collision between Chinese original "movie level live mechanical blockbuster" and theme park, creating a new immersive sci-fi visual experience for tourists and revitalizing the innovative development of Chinese theme parks.

As the world's first moveable steam punk mechanical giant robot stage with 20m height and 40m width. The world's first immersive sci-fi performance with the theme of "machines and humans" and combines dance and drama performances, song and dance band performances, interaction, featuring high energy and full of the most genuine and beautiful emotions of humanity. It makes tourists feel like they are in a sci-fi mechanical world during the Industrial Revolution.

From the creation of original story themes, to the development and application of technological means, then to the implementation of costume, make up, props and stage design, the birth of Awakening Adam has broken the inherent impression of original stunt show historical themes or directly introduced existing foreign projects, integrating the core of martial arts spirit into the shell of punk mechanical themed European and American blockbusters. To visually activate the stage in stage design, and to develop symbolic "giant robots" in technological innovation. Vanyee has truly created a "world's first" immersive stunt show with Chinese characteristics. Not only did it receive high praise from tourists and the venue was packed, but it also won multiple honors such as the 2022 Brass Ring Award finalist, "Most Creative Sports/Stunt Show".

Overall, the immersive technology of Awakening Adam is in line with the story, so they can move people. If you see a good immersive project, it is difficult to have vitality by blindly imitating it. Therefore, to create a successful immersive cultural and tourism project, it is necessary to innovate based on reality and achieve differentiated competition through distinctive cultural creativity and technological innovation.

Satisfying the immersive new experiences of citizens and tourists both physically and mentally has always been the ultimate pursuit of Vanyee in creating culture, business, tourism and performance projects. In the future, Vanyee will adhere to its positioning as a leader in technological performance, empower cultural revitalization with technology, tell the story of the city well, and create more new formats and economies for tourist resorts, commercial spaces, cultural and tourism destinations, and other scenes.




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