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Vanyee Honors丨Won the title of “2023 Outstanding Innovative Enterprise in Cultural Tourism and Theme Parks”
Nov 29, 2023

On November 18, the "2023 China Theme Park Competitiveness Evaluation Report" jointly sponsored by the China Theme Park Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global Innovation Institute, Tourism news, and the "Beautiful China Journey" column of the CCCTV Discovery Channel "2023 China Theme Park Development Forum" was held in Shanghai.

China Amusement Park Research Institute has focused on the research and development of the amusement park market for many years and is an authoritative professional organization in the industry. With the theme "Exploring the innovation path of China's theme parks", this forum aims to gather wisdom and strength from inside and outside the industry to jointly explore new development paths for China's amusement park industry. The "2023 China Amusement Park Competitiveness Assessment Report" published this year is considered the industry standard for the development model of amusement parks.


In the shorter version of the article "2023 China Amusement Park Competitiveness Assessment Report" it was pointed out that "with the increasing influence and communication of Chinese traditional culture, IP Chinese localization will be one of the cores of theme park development, helping to increase return rates, create new advantages for parks, tell new stories, and develop new markets for the park. amusement park".

As a leader in science and technology performing arts, Vanyee Cultural Technologies produced a new type of cultural tourism called "Awakening Adam" in Fantasy Valley in Xiangyang in October  2022. This is a new collision between Chinese original "real-life mechanical movie blockbusters" and amusement parks. With the form of IP combination "effects + mecha", the core of Chinese martial arts spirit is put into the structural shell of European and American blockbusters with the theme of Steampunk. In terms of script creation, it combines Chinese and Western elements, visually "animating" the stage. Through technological innovation, Vanyee Cultural Technologies has created a real "giant robot" with the world's first variety show model with Chinese characteristics, creating a scientific immersive viewing experience futuristic fantasy for tourists and bring innovative development of China's theme parks.

In addition, "Awakening Adam" also won the "Best Performing Arts Project in China's Theme Parks" award in 2022, awarded by the China Amusement Park Research Institute, CCCTV Discovery Channel and China Central Television with the categories Beautiful China Tourism, Travel and Finance News New Media coordinated the selection and awarding, which was discussed and praised by people in the culture and tourism industry exalted.

In the context of digital technology development, as an amusement park that mainly relies on visitor experiences to highlight its value, “technology + culture + IP” facilitates for cultural tourism product innovation has become the only way for theme parks to break through and innovate. The company's mission is to "create new experiences for people's spiritual lives", Vanyee Cultural Technologies will continue to delve into the essence of traditional Chinese culture, using technology to support its activities. culture, create Chinese localized IP, promote good stories, and help Chinese theme park brands reach the world.

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