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Vanyee Cultural Technologies Co.,Ltd. successfully signed the immersive night tour project of Mui Ne Summerland Resort in Phan Thiet, Vietnam
July 07, 2023

On July 4, 2023, Hung Loc Phat Group and Vanyee Cultural Technologies held a contract signing ceremony to design and build the Summerland Mirage Show and a multi-interactive light park built at the campus. member of the tourist and entertainment urban area Mui Ne Summerland, the center of Phan Thiet city.


Management Board of Vanyee Cultural Technologies and Hung Loc Phat Group at the contract signing ceremony

As part of the strategy to focus on investing in the value of products of Mui Ne Summerland, Hung Loc Phat Group has spent a large part of the budget implementing many key utility projects in this project. In particular, the Summerland Mirage Show water music stage and the multi-interactive light park system are important utilities that not only create a unique highlight for Mui Ne Summerland but also turn this place into a night tourist destination. of Phan Thiet city, contributing to creating more diversity in activities to attract tourists for the coastal city.

By design, the Summerland Mirage Show water music stage is invested in a high-end version with a capacity of more than 1,000 people. Especially with smart design; Equipped with a spectacular sound and light system and a fancy, multi-dimensional water system, Summerland Mirage Show will be the most modern water music stage in Phan Thiet, giving residents and visitors a great experience. emotional and visual through special performances.

Combining science-technology and cultural creativity to build promoting night tours are projects in which Vanyee has a lot of experience. Vanyee is a national high-tech enterprise from Hong Kong with over 31 years of experience and is a leading DBV company in terms of innovative design and general construction. Vanyee has many successful EPC projects, has implemented a series of creative water music works, night light tours, 3D mapping art performances, large equipment fabrication and installation, diverse games similar to each other. ... Projects implemented by Vanyee spread throughout the United States, China, Vietnam ...

Over the years, Vanyee has made strides in penetrating the Vietnamese market, since starting the project on Phu Quoc island, once again successfully signed the project of creative water music and multi-interactive light park. at night in the first coastal urban area of Mui Ne Summerland of Phan Thiet. The new form of night tourism, innovative water music with immersive immersive effects will become the leading trends in the development of high-quality night tourism in Vietnam.

Photo from the field trip of experts from Vanyee recently

According to a representative of Hung Loc Phat Group, the cooperation with Vanyee Cultural Technologies to deploy the Summerland Mirage Show water music stage and the multi-interactive light park is a constant effort of the investor in the midst of this time. The market is facing many difficulties today. This shows the determination to quickly complete the utility system, creating Mui Ne Summerland to become a leading entertainment tourism urban in the center of Phan Thiet city, bringing valuable living experiences to residents. . At the same time, creating an impulse to increase outstanding value for investors and residents of Mui Ne Summerland.

Mui Ne Summerland has a scale of up to 31.5 ha and owns a unique location in the heart of the coastal city of Phan Thiet with a 900-meter-long facade stretching along Vo Nguyen Giap Boulevard, away from Ong Dia rock beach, courtyard Phan Thiet flight is only 5 minutes away. This is also a pioneer project to develop according to the "all-inclusive" urban-entertainment model and to respond to the Government's night-time economic development project, meeting all needs of accommodation, tourism and entertainment. of tourists in just one destination in the center of the coastal city of Phan Thiet.



Thank you very much for the trust and support of  Hung Loc Phat Group for Vanyee!

Wishing Mui Ne Summerland to become the new business card of Phan Thiet city of culture and tourism!

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