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Cultural Tourism ≠ Culture +Tourism
May 23, 2023

Cultural ≠ Culture + Tourism 

Reading thousands of books is the same as traveling thousands of miles. Since before to nowadays, reading has been integrated with tourism. However, culture + tourism is not equal to cultural tourism. It is a new species derived from domestic demand under high-quality economic development, and it has its own operation rules. The development of cultural tourism should be able to tell stories. Culture is invisible, while tourism is accessible. The new species of cultural and tourism integration is cultural and tourism IP.

Cultural tourism IP is a systematic and huge project. Excellent IP should have the following ten characteristics: thematic, image, uniqueness, story, explosive, interactive, malleable, symbolic, innovative and systematic. Creating the tourism industry with differentiated experience and further upgrading the tourism industry according to local conditions, is the only way for the IP growth of cultural tourism projects.

Creating a super cultural tourism IP

The culture in tourism can be said to be the sum of all the spiritual activities of tourists in the tourism process, and it is not a simple food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Take Impression Liu Sanjie as an example, directed by Zhang Yimou, Liu Sanjie's folklore and the film itself are a cultural IP. Impression Liu Sanjie uses the landscape scene as background, the original farmer as actors, let tourists feel the labor and life of the local people in 60 minutes. After watching the show, a World Tourism Organization officials said: " This is a show invisible to the world. It's worth buying a plane ticket from anywhere on earth to fly and fly back." It is not surprising that the traditional legend of Liu Sanjie connects the real life of the scenic spot.

Understand the IP from different perspective

A successful cultural tourism IP is like a classic, they will have different gains for different people in different times and different environments. If you want the tourists really into IP, the operators of scenic spots are required to interpret the IP in different perspectives.

Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort, with the "dream beach" "fantasy valley" "interesting childhood" as three immersive theme parks, and commercial resort town "wonderful town", theme park, hotel catering, entertainment, leisure, dedicated to create a complete formats, experienced, content innovation of OCT a new generation of urban tourism vacation destination.

Steampunk's works often rely on some hypothetical new technology, such as new energy, new machinery, new materials, new vehicles, etc., to show an aerial world view parallel to the western world in the 19th century, and strive to create its fictional and nostalgic characteristics.

"Awakening Adam" live stunt show in the Fantasy Valley, takes "steampunk machinery" as the theme, deconstructs the relationship between machines and human ice and fire, and eulogizes the story background of human beings changing machines with kindness and love, ultimately saving all mankind together, and justice defeating evil, creating a unique and pioneering "steampunk machinery theme trends" future mechanical world in the world. Present to the audience a thrilling science fiction performance full of the most authentic, beautiful special effects and special effects of humanity.

Let the cultural tourism IP can be consumed

That will be a failed IP if there is no any products can be experienced, no any project can be remembered, no any commodities can be purchased in a theme park. Cultural tourism industry often takes Disney as the first of the successful cases. Disney has created a cultural way of fairy tale world with Disney cartoon as the core. The purpose of this culture is to give the public dreams, radiate the inherent childlike charm and innocence in people's hearts, and form a stable and permanent seller's market by conquering the audience. Looking back at the consumption of Disneyland Resort, it is not difficult to find that all consumption behaviors can find the idea of Disney's fairy tale world.

Build a system around the core

Cultural tourism is a integration, super IP will be certainly tourism ecology combining tourism performance, theme park, them hotel, cultural tourism town, museum tour, cultural festival, tourism commodities and other forms. Then it will require the attractions planning and builders to have both a macro pattern and micro action. Throughout the world, even a super IP like Disney wasn’t built in a day. That requires cultural tourism industry to have a long-term vision and down-to-earth.

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