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Theme Parks IP Performance Start with Stunt Show
May 19, 2023

The process of creativity is more circular than linear. How many repeats, how many cycles and how much insight are needed depends on the depth and breadth of the problem being addressed. The investment volume of stunt show is different, as a theme performance work should be attached to the overall planning and the theme park style. However, the ultimate experience and public praise effect brought by stunt show cannot be replaced by any other performing form of acting, which is the acting form that can best reflect the IP effect. At the same time, the special show is also in the continuous development and evolution, there will be three ultimate for  special show in the creativity driven, and they can really be called "IP performance", that are the ultimate cultural attributes, performance core and technological innovation.

Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort

Three live stage design creative concepts

The world's first "Steampunk machine" live stunt show, Awakening Adam, was jointly created by OCT and Vanyee. Its overall creative concept of stage design is mainly reflected in three live parts: living factory, living stage design, living machine.

Living factory: the first feeling is that the whole atmosphere is a mechanical factory full of steampunk elements when you enters the theater. As we all know, steampunk is an aerial world view and a science fiction genre form.

There are three typical visual elements: gears, pipes and rivets.

  1. Gears: We know that steampunk is a high worship of physical machinery, and the physical kinetic energy transfer of machinery is operated by gears. So we can see that there are a lot of densely rotating gears in the steampunk theme performance.
  2. Pipes: Steampunk creation is based from the industrial revolution, with the invention of the steam engine and the wide use of coal energy, coal combustion of waste gas and steam need pipe transfer and emissions, so in the steampunk world, there are many typical scenes, like crisscross pipes and dense towering chimneys.
  3. Rivets: At that time, the industrial level was not high, and the welding technology of iron plate was not developed, so in the production of some large mechanical panels, rivets would be used to weld the iron plate and fixed. You can see the steampunk elements full of machinery factory, at the same time with the sound of the factory machine running, big fan in rotation, gear in operation, steam also jet from time to time, the staff in work, filled with all kinds of factory noisy sound when you enter into the theater. We hope that the tourists first feeling for whole scene is that it is a running steampunk machinery factory, a living factory, when they enter in the theater.

Living stage design: You will find that the whole machinery factory can be climbed, guard tower, covered bridge, roof ... Everywhere is the performance fulcrum. Lifting tower is not decoration, it can turn and hang something. The whole machinery factory is collusion, actors can string to anywhere, blasting will appear in any place, the ground, buildings including the audience will be because of fire fire and special reaction, any box may be the fulcrum of action performance. You will find that the whole machinery factory is a huge stage which is continuous changing and full of infinite possibilities.

Living machine: Dr Gepelia installed gold mechanical heart to the machinery factory in the climax of the performance stage and started the whole giant machinery factory robot. Then the whole factory began to tremble, steam originally pedestrian bridge into a robot arm, main body building into a giant mechanical body, building roof on the top of rotating into robot head, eyes, arm raised, the whole factory immediately become a huge robot, the giant robot will press to the audience. With the rotating serrated arm, the foot cabin door can be opened, and the mechanical vehicles will rush out of the door. The audience will constantly find that there are a lot of changes during the performance period. That is what Vanyee hope to show to the audience.

From the "living" factory, to the "living" stage design, and then to the "living" machinery, we hope that the audience's cognition of the overall stage design is progressive, and constantly produce surprises. The overall stage design is that it has been involved in the whole performance, and is a organic integration with the performance together.

The Mission and Vision of Cultural Tourism Performance

Humans are not used to sitting at the table for eight hours which is studied in the book of Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School. We can find that our brains have evolved in motion and our ancestors walked at least 12 miles a day from an evolutionary perspective. Up to now, the humans brain still yearn for exercise experience, especially among sedentary people. That's why exercise can improve human brain power (the brain's law is 1). People who exercise regularly are much more outstanding than sedentary sofa potatoes from the aspects of reasoning, attention, and problem-solving skills. Tourism, "poetry and distance" is the common portrayal of all mankind's yearning for a better life.

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