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Vietnam Has Become A Popular Tourist Destination
May 19, 2023

The news released by Vietnam Tourism Administration of the Ministry on 11th May shown that the search volume in Vietnam is ranked 11th in the world (the group with a growth rate of 10% to 25%), showing a strong recovery trend of tourism demand in Vietnam according to Google travel search trends analysis tool.

The most countries that want to travel to Vietnam are United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, France, Germany, Britain and South Korea.

According to a report from the Vietnam Tourism Administration, Vietnam received nearly 3.7 million international tourists, reaching 50% of the 2023 target in the first four months. As the demand for tourism continues to increase, the Vietnamese international tourist market is still growing from a huge growth space. The international tourism market is expected to grow strongly in 2023, and Vietnam is expected to receive more than 8 million international tourists, especially during the last few months of the peak tourist season.

China is the third largest tourist source market in Vietnam according to the Tourism Administration statistic shown. The market is expected to recover rapidly from the summer of 2023 and achieve significant growth in the final months of the year.

The May Day Holiday 2023 coincides with a five-day holiday in Vietnam, Ngày Gii phóng min Nam, International Workers Day and GiTHùng Vương. It gave Vietnamese tourists plans to travel in this 5 days holiday. Related statistic show that Tnh Kiên Giang received nearly 2.3 million tourist in the first quarter. And Tnh Kiên Giang received more than 1.5 million tourists, an increase of more than 43% over the same period in 2022. The Director of Tourism Administration of Tnh Kiên Giang said that the province will prompt the tourism activities of Thành phPhú Quc, Thành phHà Tiên, Thành phRch Giá, Huyn U Minh, Huyn Kiên Lương, Huyn Kiên Hi, Đo ThChu and other tourist destinations, while realizing the diversification of tourism products.

The most popular tourist destination——Đo Phú Quc, hotels and resorts are packed during the holidays. And there are also full of tourists at those places, such as Hòn Thơm, zoo, Vinwonder, Grand World and other entertainment places. The typical show——creative water show  the Color of Venice is also wonderful and gorgeous, and it became a holiday highlight of joy in this destination.

The Color of Venice, as a representative cultural tourism performance of Vietnam, is a large European culture theme creative water show created by Vietnamese top director Việt Tú and Vanyee. It is also the first 162° fan projection in Vietnam. With the important art town in the later Renaissance as the background, permeated with strong European classical style. The whole performance is divided into six parts, and the creative team using sound, light, water, fire and other multimedia art means and carefully designed stage effect, tells a beautiful and moving and dramatic love story, attracted countless tourists and audiences. Vanyee used the innovative means of technology-enabled performing arts, contributes to the works of super entertainment and resort complex, and helps promote Đo Phú Quc to become the economic and tourism center of southern Vietnam.

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