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Welcome to Vanyee and Make Friends
Mar 07, 2023

Vanyee held the first phase of the series of activities themed "Welcome to Vanyee and Make Friends" at the scientific research headquarters on 6th March, 2023. The Municipal Tourism Association visited Vanyee and watched the integration of science-technology and cultural art, experience the visual feast, and stimulate the future imagination.

They visited many scientific and technological achievements and cultural tourism projects of Vanyee. Mr. Li Zheng, vice-president of Vanyee, introduced many well-known cultural tourism projects produced by Vanyee, such as Awakening Adam in Xiangyang OCT, the Fantamaze of Blossoms, Pinggu Carnival-Night Talk in Beijing, Legend of Ancient Dian Dynasty, the Color of Venice in Vietnam and other well-known works. The cultural connotation of the performance works is presented through the creative and perfect exposition of the new performance technology, sound and light.

Mr. Li introduced Vanyee's main business service and how to create a scene of integration of sound and electricity through scientific and technological means to help cultural tourism enterprises to maintain after landing the project and create a variety of scenes according to seasons, theme changes, etc. And shared many successful and failed cultural tourism cases at home and abroad with the visitors, shared the reasons and highlights of the success of the project, and pointed out the pain points of cultural tourism enterprises in the failed projects.

Finally, the president of the Cultural Tourism Association concluded that: the scenic spots are global and the cultural tourism is integrated, we should focus on the cultivation of the rare local night economy, night tourism in local area and other business forms, and make effort to create a vibrant tourism cluster. Cultural tourism enterprises can create live performances in many typical places and, promote "tourists become night tourists, tourists become customers, tourists become regulars", comprehensively light up the night economy and upgrade new consumption way, create a night economy with tourism characteristics. Implement the design of small and medium-sized cultural tourism enterprises to create mini scene small theaters, lighting shows, and so on.

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