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Rural Revitalization Opens up a New World of Tourism
Mar 15, 2023

As the epidemic levelled off, the tourism industry has been rapidly recovering, and the opening of cross-border tourism has increased the industrys development.

Rural tourism, as an emerging tourism form, is an important development direction. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing demand for nature, health, and leisure, rural tourism is gradually gaining popularity among more tourists. Compared with urban tourism, rural tourism is more characterized by being close to nature, relaxing the mind and body, and experiencing rural life. It can meet the growing demand for tourism and drive local economic development. Therefore, rural tourism will also become a new growth point for the tourism industry.

With the continuous improvement of rural infrastructure and the strengthening of consumers' willingness to return to the countryside and nature, tourism enterprises are accelerating the layout of rural tourism. For example, a travel group launched the "Rural Tourism Revitalization" strategy in March, 2021, planning to invest a large amount of resources in next five years——invest a large amount of resources such as talents, technology, and funds, and create multiple high-level rural accommodation benchmark products, scale up tourism villages, and cultivate talents for rural tourism revitalization.

Developing rural tourism can drive the development of local rural economies. The rural tourism industry chain includes agriculture production, processing, sales, and tourism services, providing more employment opportunities and income-generating avenues for local farmers. At the same time, rural tourism can also bring more funds, improve local infrastructure and living conditions, and promote the comprehensive development of local economies.

The development of rural tourism also requires strong support from the government and enterprises. The government can increase investment in rural tourism and improve local infrastructure and tourism service levels. Enterprises can attract more tourists to rural tourism by providing higher-quality tourism products and services, while also contributing to local economic development and helping rural areas achieve revitalization and development. Only on the basis of rural revitalization can sustainable development of rural tourism be achieved.

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