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Praise Each of “HER” Who is not Defined
Mar 08, 2023

In the beautiful spring of March, the faces and peach blossoms complement each other in red! The spring breeze blows on the face, and time competes with women in beauty!

International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, as well and to reflect on the progress that still needs to be made towards gender equality. We extend our highest respects and blessings to all women on this special day!

According to statistics, women's employment in the global tourism and hospitality industry has exceeded 50%. Women's positions in the industry are also becoming more diverse, ranging from front desk reception to higher positions such as managers and directors. Women's status and role in the tourism and hospitality industry are gradually strengthening, bringing more diversity and inclusiveness to the industry.

As a member of the tourism and hospitality industry, we have a responsibility to promote an equal and inclusive tourism culture. We believe that tourism can not only bring about economic and cultural prosperity but also promote gender equality and empower women.

Women are an important consumer group in the tourism and hospitality industry. According to statistics, women's consumption in tourism, hotels, attractions, and other areas is relatively high. The tourism and hospitality industry's market demand for women is becoming increasingly diverse, such as women's exclusive travel, health, and wellness products and services. The launch of these products and services not only meets the needs of women but also brings more business opportunities and market space to the tourism and hospitality industry.

On special days such as International Women's Day, many tourism and hospitality companies will launch related activities and products to commend and praise women's contributions. The launch of these activities and products is not only conducive to enhancing women's confidence and self-esteem but also to leading more women to participate in the tourism and hospitality industry, promoting the development and innovation of the industry.

The relationship between the tourism and hospitality industry and women is very close. Women's status and role in the industry continue to improve, bringing more diversity and inclusiveness to the industry. The tourism and hospitality industry provides women with more employment opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and career development opportunities, which can improve women's income levels and economic status. This economic empowerment not only helps to enhance women's self-worth and self-realization but also contributes to the development of the entire society.

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