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Advanced creative planning
Viet Nam | Negotiated | 2023.01.12
1. Responsible for or partially responsible for the project from the creativity, planning, creation and reporting of the early scheme to the production, supervision, synthesis and rehearsal of the late project, and assisting the superior in controlling the artistic effect of the project;
2. Assist the Business Department to participate in customer communication at the early stage of the project, refine and guide customer needs, and control the creative direction of the project;
3. Organize the members to participate in the seminars at each stage of the project, integrate and refine the creative direction and concept of the project and guide them, assign, supervise and guide the work of each member, and ensure the smooth completion of the plan preparation at each stage;
4. Organize internal listening to the report and discussion of the creative scheme, participate in the review and evaluation of the quality of the scheme and put forward suggestions for modification, and be responsible for the final work results submitted;
5. Participate in cross departmental communication and coordination;
6. Be responsible for archiving all design documents and design results of relevant projects;

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