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  • Mar 23, 2023
  • For water, people are always close and in awe it. Water features play a very important role in both large-scale and small-scale scenes. As an application form of water features, water fountains have become one of the choices of most people.

    The layout of garden fountains matches the style of the garden, not only adding a unique scenes to the courtyard, but also bringing a cool and pleasant mood to the people with the sound of rippling water. Large waterscapes and small waterscapes can play different roles in different situations, they can create many scenes with specific lasers and routes.

    Under the premise of limited budget, creating an intensive small fountain is an effective way to combine the advantages of factors, save production costs, and improve unit efficiency and create a small fountain for viewing and enjoying. Compared to large garden fountains, the water volume and range of intensive small fountains have been reduced.

    Vanyee will recommend or design a water fountain which is suitable for you according to your specified requirement, and the fountain also can be installed and used at home without the need for a lot of human and material resources and can be change the fountain shape by yourself. As you can see, there are many different fountain nozzles for fountains’ shape, including 3D phoenix tail nozzle, ice tower nozzle, wave light jumping spring nozzle, bubbling nozzle, mushroom nozzle, fire nozzle, crystal ball nozzle, etc. Vanyee also can design the nozzle type for you according to your request.

    The ocean is out of touch, so it will be best to create a "sea scene" in the courtyard to enjoy. The venue does not need to be large, the production cost is low and the fountain cost is cheap. As long as the water is allowed to flow, it can create a sense of being in nature.

    More details, please kindly feel free to contact us.

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