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Back to the Silk Road

As the core building of the Silk Road culture and Art Center, the “Heart of Snow Lotus” of Xinjiang Grand Theater ushered in its completion ceremony on September 12th, 2014. In the theater, there is a theme performance show is performaning, brought the audience & media a intoxicated and amazed experience.


Back to the Silk Road was grandly staged at the opening ceremony of the dance festival. It won the wide praise from more than 2000 domestic and foreign audiences with the top level stage design, moving story plot and wonderful performance of actors.

[Planning and Design]

Back to the Silk Road consists of six chapters: Great Love, Jade Soul, Dream Return, Life, Burning Passion and Grassland Love. It tells that the melting snow of Tianshan Mountains is surging forward, the swans flying in the air are endless, the glorious snow lotus is magnificent, and different nationalities and cultures live in harmony on the vast land. It shows amagnificent picture of the unity of all groups.

[Science and Technology Creativity]

The theater cover an area of 30,000² which can accommodate 2100 people to watch the performance. It is equipped with large mechanical stage devices such as sound, light, electricity, fireworks and water curtain with world-class technology to create a dreamlike and immersive stage design conception. Bringing the audience with experience “the show with the highest content of science and technology in the world”.

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