LEI HOU MAO Emotional Trendy Play Station

LEIHOUMAO Emotional Trendy Play Station is a new type of trendy play station that integrates immersive interaction, emotional healing space and young trendy play with three advanced technical means: sound, light and electricity. With the core style of steam wave and cyberpunk, which lead the trend of contemporary art, trendy play station presents a colorful immersive art space through projection technology, and integrates strong interactive situational games to give tourists an unprecedented entertainment experience.

LEI HOU MAO Emotional Trendy Play Station is a new cultural and tourism work independently developed by Vanyee, which has light volume, fast landing and wide audience. It can solve the problem of not going out of the province during holidays and is a trendy play and mutual entertainment space for weekend group building. Guangdong trendy play IP LEI HOU MAO defines the theme, and takes customized art devices and digital interaction as the core means to create a tourism destination integrating entertainment, leisure, tourism, catering and business.


The integrated development of culture and tourism has entered a period of historical superposition. The new poles, new policies and new demands of China's economic growth are being updated and iterated.. Travel consumption is the most intergenerational consumption field of generation Z and parent-child families, and it has gradually grown into the leading force of China’s new economy, new consumption and new culture in the future.

[Cultural Scene]

According to local conditions and time conditions, the design aims at creating a strong memory theme space and creating a warm social space, focusing on the four functional systems of parent-child research and learning, theme activities, enterprise group construction and commercial office, is committed to building a cultural, commercial and tourism complex, and strive to create a new type of mutual entertainment space for the ultimate experience of tourists.

[IP Design]

Deeply excavate and refine the core of Guangdong’s cultural values, endow cultural tourism with mood game IP LEI HOU MAO, touch and produce emotional identity with tourists in the form of anthropomorphic art. LEI HOU MAO adheres to the personality proposition of “trend is play”, unlocks the new posture of leisure and entertainment for tourists, and creates a new experience in the era of trendy game.

[Integration of Science and Technology]

The high integration of culture and technology shows a trend of diversified business forms, rich products and active consumption. In order to achieve the effect of immersion experience, focusing on the three sensory experiences of viewing, listening and touching, taking the park as the carrier, using digital images, scientific and technological interaction and light and shadow combined with art scenic spots, running through the theme creativity, embedding cultural stories, and creating a profound emotional connection between tourists and scenes.

[Operation Extension]

Mature supporting facilities such as parent-child research and learning, dressing experience, script , leisure catering, etc. to meet the consumer needs of customers in the times. At the same time, we are committed to providing customized services such as product launch, enterprise group construction, wedding customization, private party and so on.

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