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Good news! Zhuhai Chimelong has been selected as a national tourist resort
May 24, 2024

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a list of 22 national level tourist resorts to be confirmed. Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong International Marine Resort is on the list, making it the only resort in Guangdong Province to be selected and worthy of celebration. Zhuhai Chimelong and Huanyu Culture have been working together for many years, growing together along the way.

What is a national level tourist resort?

National level tourist resorts are another golden signboard that reflects the level of the national tourism service industry, following 5A level tourist attractions. They are an important lever for the reform, innovation, and upgrading of tourism products. They represent the highest level of China's tourism vacation products and sightseeing products, respectively, along with 5A level tourist attractions. These two have become the dual engines driving China's tourism development, and tourist resorts have become another "power train" driving high-quality tourism development in China, following the national 5A scenic spots.

According to data, as of May 2023, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has identified a total of 63 national level tourist resorts, and this batch plans to add 22 new ones, exceeding any batch in the history of national level tourist resorts. This is also the first major move in the cultural and tourism industry since the National Tourism Development Conference, which demonstrates the country's emphasis on building a strong tourism country this year.

Origin 2014
Accompanied to this day

Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong International Marine Resort is located in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area and is situated in the Hengqin Guangdong Macao Deep Cooperation Zone. It is a marine themed resort that integrates theme parks, resort hotels, cultural performances, business exhibitions, dining and leisure.

The resort is composed of Ocean Kingdom, Spacecraft, Hengqin International Circus City, Chimelong Theatre, Hengqin Bay Hotel, Penguin Hotel, Circus Hotel, Spacecraft Hotel, and Yinghai Hotel Apartment. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has set 7 Guinness World Records in a row and won the "Theme Park Outstanding Achievement Award" from the Global Theme Entertainment Association TEA in 2014, marking the first time a Chinese theme park has won this industry "Oscar" level honor.

Maintaining freshness and increasing revisit rates are the core of maintaining the vitality of Zhuhai Chimelong Amusement Park. As a leader in technological performance, Huanyu Culture carries the genes of innovation and progress. Since 2014, it has been working hand in hand with Zhuhai Chimelong to continuously enhance the cultural connotation and added value of products through technological performance and interactive performance programs, while also enhancing the sense of participation of tourists, promoting the innovative development of theme based cultural tourism.

“Dream Laser Show”
Zhuhai Chimelong Penguin Hotel

With 2000 themed guest rooms, Zhuhai Chimelong Penguin Hotel, the world's first theme hotel with penguins as its element, booked "full" during the Spring Festival of the 20th the Year of the Loong. As an important part of the tourism chain, the hotel undertakes the important mission of inheriting and innovating culture. During the Spring Festival, Huanyu Culture created a dreamy laser show in the square outside the hotel, creating a happy and peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, it linked the fireworks show in the the Year of the Loong of Zhuhai Hengqin Chimelong Spaceship and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, two theme parks, to bring visitors a new experience of travel and accommodation which is both dreamy and shocking.

“Dragon Show”
Zhuhai Chimelong Theatre

Zhuhai Chimelong Theatre is the third super large and permanent international top performing arts theater in Chimelong, Zhuhai, and is positioned as one of the most distinctive performance venues in China. The new original Chinese style dragon themed circus show, "Dragon Show," co created by Huanyu Culture and Technology, is the first performance of the Chimelong New Theater in Zhuhai. The lineup for this performance is also quite spectacular, bringing together more than 300 top circus artists from more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. It also integrates various program elements such as acrobatics, high-altitude skills, extreme sports, comical clowns, magic performances, water ballet, and equestrian exhibitions, breaking through traditional circus performance methods for the first time. Combining with local fishermen's mythological stories in Zhuhai, it uses multiple elements of water, land, and air to create and perform, making it a top international classic.

“The Battle of the Sea”
Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Center Lake Show

To go to Chimelong, Zhuhai, you must come to the Ocean Kingdom Center Lake Show "The Battle of the Sea". This real-live performance, created by Huanyu Culture CO. Ltd., can be considered a Hollywood blockbuster. It gathers six elements: drone performance, fireworks performance, laser show, fountain performance, water flying man, and motorboat stunt. The sensory enjoyment with strong audio-visual impact is heart stopping!

The captivating "The Battle of the Seas" features a brand new storyline as its highlight, divided into five major chapters: The Quiet and Beautiful Ocean Kingdom, Invader Attack, Ocean Defense Counterattack, Voice of Victory, and Celebration Ceremony. In the magnificent ocean, the prince and princess lived peacefully when suddenly thunder and lightning flashed, and invaders appeared. The cool ocean light and shadow heroes called out to the god of the ocean - the Whale Shark King, and worked together to repel the invasion team composed of drones and motorboats, ultimately winning the battle of ocean protection.

Becoming a "world-class cultural and tourism brand in China" is Chimelong's vision. The recognition of a national tourism resort has also brought Chimelong's dream closer. As an innovative service and operator of the entire cultural and tourism performance industry chain, Huanyu Culture CO. Ltd. is also committed to becoming an international cultural and tourism performance service enterprise, creating diverse value for customers through innovation and service, and showing the world the unique charm of China's cultural and tourism industry.

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