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Creative Water Show is Like an Oil Painting! The Color of Venice is the First 162 ° Fan Projection Show and Attracted Countless Fans in Vietnam!
Jan 12, 2023

Speaking of Vietnam, what is your first impression? Is it a tropical beach scene with water and sky, a city style with French style and local culture, or the diligent and busy figure of Vietnamese people? The cultural and natural resources in Vietnam are unique, but the cultural tourism construction of the country started late, small scale, and the presentation mode is sporadic. So far, the tourism forms in Vietnam are relatively traditional and single, and the uniqueness is not strong, and there is still a lot of room for development in the renewal of business types.

However, in this blue sea area, there is such a small island. People on the island sing and laugh all night and forget to return to the brightly lit "sleepless city". With the noise of the day gone, the young and hot people finally took their own dance steps in the night, in the beautiful light and music.
The above dreamlike scene is taking place on Dao Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam. This is the large-scale theme creative water show "The Color of Venice" produced by Vingroup, together with Vanyee and Vietnam's top director Vi ệ t T ú (Nguyen Yuexiu). Dao Phu Quoc is a benchmark tourism project invested and constructed by the Vietnamese government in recent years, which has attracted many large-scale groups to develop. At present, there are about 328 investment projects, with a total value of nearly 16 billion dollars. Among these development projects, the largest one is the Vinpearl Phu Quoc project, which has been launched since the end of 2016. This project is divided into four stages, which not only covers the construction of traditional resort real estate, hotel catering, theme park and the development of scenic spots, but also deepens the integration with cultural and tourism performance.

The Color of Venice, as a representative cultural and tourism performance workt, is located on the Love Lake in the Venice Theme Park of the Dao Phu Quoc United Center. Dao Phu Quoc United Center is a super entertainment resort complex newly developed and put into operation in Vietnam. It is gradually becoming an economic tourism center in southern Vietnam under the overnight business model of "All-in-one". Taking "The Color of Venice" as the typical program of this new tourist destination, it can be seen the high artistic achievements of this work and the great expectations of the industry.

As a typical program of an emerging tourist destination, the Color of Venice takes the late Renaissance as the background and the theme of Venice, an important European classical art town. The whole performance is divided into six acts, uses multimedia artistic means such as sound, light, water, fire, and carefully designed dance effects to tell a sad, touching and ups and downs love story.

The content design of the performance can be said to be brilliant, with many highlights. At 8:00 p.m., the watchman of the clock tower on the love tower rang the bell on time. The people who came to the dance in the formation of Gondola dressed up in new costumes and masks with LED lights and saluted the audience along the river and the lake.

At this moment, unexpected changes happened quietly on the calm lake surface. A huge stage rose from the middle of the lake, and the dancers approached the lake center from the shore. Beside them, a huge fan shaped projection screen inspired by the folding fan of the European court slowly opened behind the stage, and the colorful Venetian oil paintings showed their true colors little by little. The audience never thought that there was such a mystery in the water area where they were still sailing on the lake during the day.

The world has been waiting for this performance feast for a long time. Finally, Vietnam's first large-scale creative theme water show "The Color of Venice" opened in Phu Quoc Island, attracting numerous fans!

Since its performance, this exquisite performance has been praised by people from all walks of life in Vietnam. It not only filled the gap of such multimedia comprehensive art performances in Phu Quoc Island and even Vietnam, but also greatly stimulated the local tourism market in Phu Quoc Island. During the time when the epidemic was effectively controlled, countless tourists went to check in and watch it.

We expect and believe that in the near future, visitors from all over the world will meet in this "ball"!

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