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The Stunt Show
Jan 12, 2023

The China Theme Park Competitiveness Evaluation Report 2022 jointly held by China Theme Park Research Institute and other leisure & tourism research center was released and the 2022 China Theme Park Development Summit Forum was held in Shanghai on November 19th.

The conference focused on the theme of "cultural creative transformation to promote the innovative development of theme parks" and carried out in-depth and extensive discussions. At the same time, Dr. Lin Huanjie, president of China Theme Park Research Institute, released the China Theme Park Competitiveness Evaluation Report 2022, which evaluates the competitiveness and summarizes the trend of China's theme park development from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Fantasy valley stunt show-Awakening Adam

Won the Best Performance Project of China's Theme Park Award

The stunt show "Awakening Adam", the large universe exploration theme park in Fantasy Valley of Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Resort won the award of "Best Performance Project of China's Theme Park".

The main show venue of Awakening Adam is located in the Alliance Arena of Fantasy Valley in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. The show covers an area of 10000 m2 and can accommodate 3000 audience. It is the largest live stunt show in the Fantasy Valley and is jointly produced by Vanyee. Since the first performance and has been widely praised by audience. During the performance, it was full of seats and tickets were hard to get.

As the world's first "Steampunk machine" live stunt show, “Awakening Adam” integrates advanced technologies such as new audio-visual, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, comprehensively presents micro and macro perspectives, and allows tourists to achieve diversified immersion feelings and multi-level sensory experience. The whole work subverts the traditional static theater form, and reflects the high quality and high level of China's original high-tech theme performances with multiple "world's first" scientific and technological innovation highlights, such as the world's only mobile "giant robot" stage, the world's only "Steampunk" style mechanical theater, the world's first stunt show with the theme of "Robot and Human Beings".

The selection of "Best Performance Project of China's Theme Park" was jointly initiated by China Theme Park Research Institute and other travel news media of tourism and finance. From the perspective of consumers, through online voting and multiple rounds of strict evaluation, more market value projects were finally selected to help the development of the theme park industry.

Vanyee won the award of Cultural Tourism and Theme Park Innovation Enterprises

With more than 30 years of development, a number of outstanding Chinese theme parks have emerged, such as OCT, Haichang Ocean Park, Huaqiang Fantawild, Chimelong Group, and have formed a huge reception capacity. In recent years, a series of international theme parks have been settled one by one, pushing China's theme park industry to a new height. Theme parks have profoundly changed the direction of people’s options in leisure and recreation, and have become adaptive to and meet the needs of people for diversified recreational recreation.

Apart from the classic theme stories, creativity design and amusement equipment, another major category of the difference of theme parks is the innovation of performance products in the parks.

With the rapid development of China's theme parks, the demand for high-quality performance products has created a number of excellent cultural and tourism enterprise service providers. Vanyee won the " Cultural Tourism and Theme Park Innovation Enterprise 2022" in this meeting. The stunt show "Awakening Adam" is only one of the forms in the performance products of the theme park. We believe that the IP combination form of "stunt show+mechs" will ignite the market and help theme parks move towards higher quality development.

Each honor is a new beginning for us. And it is also a breakthrough and means greater challenges. In the future, Vanyee will adhere to the development strategy of "science and technology+culture" innovation to empower cultural tourism, and continue to advance with the cultural tourism industry!

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